Knitting For nuns

I recently discovered the website

which makes hats for Buddhist monks or nuns and sends them to Lasha to be distributed. This is something very dear to me and I was wondering if anyone could donate some 100% wool yarn or a soft wool (like merino) blended with another animal fiber like alpaca or kid mohair would work well, too. Synthetic yarns like acrylics or acrylic blends are just not warm enough. We are also not using yarn with silk in it because the worms are usually killed during processing.
To the monks/ nuns who have taken vows, some of which are concerned with how they represent themselves in the world. We want to support them as much as we possibly can: therefore, it is important to give them plain maroon or burgundy hats. The yarn does not have to be from KnitPicks, of course, but their Fired Brick is a good color reference. Also I will take suggestions on other yarns to try but If you could help please pm me. Thanks for your time and co-operation!

So I wonder if they donate once a year? I’ve seen other websites that say the deadline was in March

according to the website the “deadline” is in march but she also says that if you knit a hat, blanket (waiting to see if I get permission to knit a blanket but anyway) ect. quote “Any hats completed after this date will be gladly accepted and delivered during a future trip or donated to other Buddhist nuns and monks.” Hope that helps.

Cascade 220 is an affordable wool yarn that comes in lots of colors. I’m sure they’ll have maroon.

Thank you for the yarn suggestion. I just found out that the website owners updated me (via email) on what the monks and nuns need and also that they are planning another trip. Here is the info that was emailed to me.


The last group took 132 hats! They couldn’t deliver them personally because of the unrest. They will be shipped from Katmandu as soon as it is safe. Another trip is planned for April 2009 and we will be updating the website as soon as we determine the best strategy. In the meanwhile, you are welcome to knit hats! We are also happy to accept socks, mittens, fingerless gloves and scarves. Yarn can be all wool or blended with animal fiber such as alpaca. For items like socks, mittens and fingerless gloves, which get harder wear, wool blended with nylon would be great! All items need to be plain maroon and knit with simple patterns (no lace, please!) Size range for socks, mittens and fingerless gloves can be from large child’s to medium woman’s.

Thought people would like to know.