Knitting For Money and/or Charity Raffle (Copyright Issues?)

I have been asked by a dog rescue I work with to make a sweater to raffle off or sell for the non-profit charity on eBay, etc. I’ve made several sweaters from patterns in books and love to make them, but have heard others talk about copyright issues with such. I don’t understand that because it seems even if I wanted to sell my Oblique cardigan (not as an original pattern, but to be paid for the work and time which another might not be able to put into in order to have this item), then it should be OK?

I’m not interested in making any money (the Oblique question was just a BTW), but to make the dog sweater for sale to help the non-profit rescue.

you need to check with the person/company who owns the pattern. MOST will let you sell the items made but not the pattern itsself. hope this helps.