Knitting for Friends

If asked by a friend to knit something for them, should I knit for them? I sorta depends on the projects but it is usually hats or sox or something like that. TIA! :teehee:

I look at it this way, as long as there isn’t some sort of deadline, why not? You get the pleasure of actually doing the knitting, and they (hopefully) will enjoy the product of your enjoyment.

Seems like a win win to me.

win win it is then
i will knit for them
thank you

I would absolutely make something for a friend…BUT - they supply the yarn. That way, they can determine colors, styles, etc and you don’t end up with something that they won’t wear. Nothing worse than making something for someone and not have it given the love it deserves!!

One idea for something quick are dishcloths with their intial of their last name or with a design of something that matches their kitchen. knitting in the color of their kitchen is nice too. This site has some wonderful designs for dishcloths, potholders and other small items.

Forgot the alphabet site. Just go here then click on the letter you want to get the pattern.

I completely agree with the idea of having the friend pick out the yarn (of course, you would probably have to help them, as you know what type to look for to make the project turn out). Not only does that mean you know they’ll like the color and feel of it, but it will show them some of what has to go into knitting (yes, that yarn is really nice, but, unfortunately for the pattern you want, it won’t work) which hopefully helps them appreciate your finished work.
As for the dishcloths, there are soooo many patterns out there it’s crazy (I made myself a Hello Kitty dishcloth awhile ago). I think it would be a great idea for a housewarming gift or something like that… Or even a small little gift for someone who wants something knitted, but doesn’t know what.

That’s what I do. I tell my friends that I’m happy to knit them anything they want if they supply the yarn. I love knitting for my friends, and will knit them stuff that I’ve bought yarn for for presents and stuff, but if they request something, I can’t afford to keep buying yarn for them! Plus that way they can get the knid of yarn they want. I just tell them what brands/size to look for if they want a specific pattern. And unless I’m knitting them socks, NO SOCK YARN! :smiley: It takes me WAY too long to knit a friend a scarf or something like that on #3 needles! =)

I recently knit the Branching Out scarf for a friend. She had seen one I made for myself last year and asked if I would make her one. She’s using it as a table runner. I got measurements for the length, and eventually got around to making it. I was a nervous wreck. Somehow, it different when you knit something for someone else. You wonder how closely they will critique the work.

My fears were all for naught. She loved the finished product.

So, make sure you understand their expectations, and you should be good to go. If they ask for something, they’ll more than likely be very appreciative, rather than knitting up something as a “surprise.”

I’m currently making some mittens for a friend. Like a hat, they are pretty quick to knit and fun to do with magic loop. For this particular person, I think she would get more use out of mittens then a hat.

I agree! I get nervous knitting for friends, especially my friends. It’s hard to know whether someone else around my age (22) will like something knit. I was going to make a martini dishcloth for a friend’s birthday and then I decided against it- she’s just not the “handmade” type.
If they ask you to make it and you go over the pattern and the yarn enough so that they know exactly what it will look like- then they know what they’re getting. I just seem to have this nightmare where I’ve spent hours and hours on something and they hate it!