Knitting for Dummies

[color=blue]Hi all… has anyone bought this book? I have a few of the “Dummie” Books… mostly for computer programs…and they seem to help in a humorous way lol. I would love to have something with the basics… Suggestions? Thanks! anne[/color] :study:

I’ve been knitting for almost a year (my knitting anniversary is next month) and Knitting for Dummies was the 1st book that I bought. I’m self-taught and I would guess I’m at about the intermediate level of knitting and I will truthfully say that it has been very helpful! Of course, I’m as addicted to buying knitting books as I am to knitting, therefore my knitting ‘library’ has expanded to around 30 books in all…they are hard to turn away from…such fun… :cheering: :cheering:
All kidding aside…Knitting for Dummies is very well worth the $, very full of beginning skills and on from there

That was one of the first knitting books I bought, and I learned a lot from it, too. I think it is definitely worth it. I am mostly self taught.

Happy shopping. :happydance:

I have this book too, and I love it. I still refer to it often. It has a pretty good stitch library, too, and lots of information on how to design things on your own.

If I had to put a finger on a flaw, it would be that there are few projects…BUT the projects do have many variations, and I think the well-rounded instruction is more important than projects.



I too am pretty much book taught and hitting my 1 year anniversary this month (although i didn’t tackle anything serious until February of this year).

I only have two knitting books - Knitting for Dummies and Stitch and Bitch. I bought KFD first and i read and use it all the time. It’s a great resource for when i’m confused about patterns or stitches, etc… I agree that it doesn’t have inspiring patterns/projects in it so i use it mostly as a resource.

SNB is also a great resource for a beginner AND has a lot of projects that are pretty cool in it. I’m dying to do the skully sweater! And i actually enjoy reading the history bits too.

Basically, both stay in my knitting bag at all times and i use them both. When i’m confused about something, i consult them both and compare the information… Then i come here and watch Amy’s videos!! :wink: LOL!

Saying all that, i was perusing the Vogue Knitting book in the bookstore the other day and that’s next on my wish list! So many stitches represented in it!! (Too much for a beginner, though, i think!)

Hope that helps,

Thank you all for your replies! :cheering: I am addicted to books as well. Was the director of a library for many years… miss it still and all those books lol. Will have to hit the bookstore this weekend… Oh the hardship! lol. Have a great evening! :sunny:

:smiley: I just remembered another simply GREAT book is the Knitting Bible…chock full of info

I have a feeling I will be at borders a while after work :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestions. :sunny: has good prices; does, too; and if u r interested in joining a crafting book club there’s
Thought u might want to check online 1st, u often find books at far lesser $ here…just a bit of what I like to call…wisdom…lol
Oh yeah, ebay & are also worth the look

i have used amazon quite a bit… love it… reasonable for the most part. but i guess it is the instant gratification thing today lol… want my books (now!) hehehehe :oops: :sunny:

Just popping in to add my “me too!” to the list. This book is always in my knitting bag. It even shows the different styles of knitting – Continental vs. English, which I rarely seem to find in most knitting books.

The stitch library is a lot of fun, and you could spend a few weeks using them to make some unique dishcloths.

I still haven’t gotten all the way through the book, but it has been great for when I run across something I can’t remember and I can’t get to Amy’s site for the video!! :wink:

BUY IT! :happydance:

Yes I think that is a definate when I leave work today… have to stop at Borders and then on to buy some flowers to plant for my mom. Two of my favorite things! flowers and books. Have a great weekend! :cheering: there are not flower emoticons alas @->-

This is the book that I’ve found to be the most helpful, and the one I take out of the library the most.

You’d think that I’d buy it already, but I keep telling myself I could spend that money on yarn. :lol:


My daughter is getting into knitting now too… she just had a baby and I keep showing her things I find on the net lol. So I am sure she and I will share any books I purchase. :smiley: I am going to force myself not to go to AC Moore this weekend…have to finish a x-stitch wall hanging before I start another project! I have no self control in the yarn section! :fingerwag:

Stonington, I think I’ll stop by the library on the way home and check it out. I work right next to it and never think to look there for knitting books. Thanks for the tip. :thumbsup:

any time. lol… usually i am on the recieving end here … nice to contribute even in the smallest of ways :cheering: