Knitting for Dummies book-brand new IS NOW HEADED TO EBAY!

Hey guys :waving:
I happen to have a brand, spanking new Knitting for Dummies book (retails for $21.99) that I would like to trade for some yummy yarns or cool gadgets…in other words, fun knitty stuff plus shipping (or, depending on your offer…we can discuss :wink:)…MAKE ME AN OFFER…we’ll discuss.

This book has a softcover, 358 pages of info…not just basic knitting and purling, either. It’s got everything from casting on to unkinking exercises!

Knitting for Dummies is a great gift for anyone who wants to learn to knit or for someone that wants a great resource book. Also, a great Christmas present!

I love my book and still use it. Of the 40 knitting books that I have, I still grab this book 1st!

I learned to knit with my Knitting for Dummies and have gifted these books to others who want to learn. Come on, I know you want this book :wink: …pm me!

I already have this book and love it.Hopefully someone will trade you for it. :happydance:

This is the reason, I totally need a stash! Can I trade my husband for it? Or maybe my almost 2 year old? OR how about a dog? :teehee:


LOL, thanks, but I already have the :muah: BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD :muah: (and I’m sure your’s would object :teehee: ) and plenty of kids, and, well, everyone knows I have the lovely Sally , and she wouldn’t like any other dogs coming into our home…thanks a bunch, though.

BUT…make me an offer, I’m open to all sorts of things! Try me :teehee: