Knitting for Dolphins

I just saw this on my local news. Just thought I would share.

awwww!!! I love dolphins!!! :slight_smile:

Awww! :hug: what a cute idea! :teehee:
But it’s really wrong of the Navy to force the poor dolphins to live in an environment in which they are not being used to. :crying: Animals are not their “tools” you know!

p.s. the dolphins look sooo cute in these sweaters! :hug:

People knit penguin sweaters to help save penguins caught in oil spills, too. :slight_smile:

What a very strange story. It would seem unnatural for dolphins to wear anything. What would happen if the apparel got tanged up in their fins?

Very strange… :??

first they accidentally deafen whales, now they want to intentionally torture dolphins.
how sweet.

what’s next - sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads?

what’s next - sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads?

syndactylus Please… Please… don’t give them any ideas!

I do hope you all realize that they are knitting the dolphin sweaters to draw attention to how unthinkable it would be to import the dolphins to Seattle, and don’t intend ANY of the sweaters to ever be put on a dolphin.

The skin of a dolphin is sensitive, and putting a knitted sweater on a dolphin would be the same as putting a knitted eye patch directly upon your eyeball. While it would keep your eyeball warm, it would also cause it serious harm as well. The knitted dolphin sweaters, if worn by dolphins, would become wet, obviously, collect molds growth and fungi, weigh down the dolphins, cause an increase in infection rate in open wounds and sores, and probably drive the dolphin insane. Dolphins aren’t used to wearing clothing, and being forced to wear clothing they might not be able to escape for prolonged periods of time would have a detrimental effect upon the dolphin’s mental health.

While I support them drawing attention to the Navys moronic plan with this scheme, I’m afraid that they might be making matters worse by not pointing out the obvious about what they are doing.