Knitting for charity

There are apparently lots of places to give your knitted items away. Shawl ministries, homeless shelters, mittens for disadvantaged school kids, etc.

Katykoolkat is a sweetheart who knits for preemies at her local hospital, I believe.

There is a charity for merchant marines that gives items to these men who often spend months at sea. I have an address for that one, but I’ll have to find the magazine article first. I’ll post it later.

So what are your favorite knitting charities, people? Have you started one? Inquiring minds want to know!

Our local hospital has ladies knit blankets and hats for babies who need them to go home in… But you have to be very good with experience… so after I finish my beg. advanced knitting class and Christmas… I’m going to check again… :XX:

This is true, but has anything actually made it to the hospital yet?!? LOL…I suppose I just want to get everything perfect first.


PS My fav charities are newborns in need ( and touching tiny lives, both of which provide clothing and necessities to parents of preemies.

I found a link one day for this site
One of these days I will get on the stick and check if my local humane society could use the same type of item for the animals kennels. Just another charitable idea for you all :wink:

I haven’t knit for charities yet. But, I want to knit for cancer patients. Mom and dad both passed from colon cancer 3 years ago.

Here’s a website that has an index of many many charities, organized by state, so you can find one near you.

I started making charity items, but never sent them in. :blush: I wanted to make more before sending them in, but have been so busy with other projects.

I really like the idea of knitting chemo caps for cancer patients who’ve lost their hair. Headhuggers has great patterns for this purpose (I’ve got lots of her patterns in the hats section of free patterns).

I just read a call for knitters to knit for the military in Afghanistan, you can find the article in the Aug-Oct 2005 issue of Cast-On magazine. I just received mine today. The item is a Balaclava - hood that goes under their kevlar helmets and covers their mouths and necks leaving an opening for the eyes.

I will be collecting hats, mittens, scarves and such for the PADS clientele in the DuPage County area of Illinois at the Heartland Knitting Retreat in December; for those of you that might be attending you are welcome to start knitting something now but it is not a requirement of attending.

I’m a member of a yahoo group, All Crafts 4 Charity, and they pick a charity a month, which is cool so this way the charity gets dispersed around the US and the world. In fact, I tossed the name of a local-to-me charity to have the group knit for, and they chose it for January!

check 'em out!

Our knitting group just started doing chemo caps.

I’m very interested in that Cast-On magazine issue, too. At our last meeting we were just talking about knitting for military.

Can you buy Cast-On magazine in a store? I see that it’s the TKGA mag…

Edited: I sort of answered my own question, but I can’t find it in my area. Has anyone seen it at Michael’s or Joanns?

I am pretty sure I’ve seen Cast-On sold at Barnes and Noble.

The article says that you can find the pattern at as well as the information for mailing the completed helmet liners for expedited delivery overseas.


Another good website here

This one was listed on the website that Amy posted…Project Linus - blankets for severely ill or hospitalized children. The Project Linus group that I started crafting with makes all sorts of blankies - knit, crochet, fleece…a really great charity group to work with in my short experience with them.

A bunch of ladies I work with started a group knitting/crocheting afghan squares for local hospitals. It’s been really successful, partly because a 9" afghan square seems so much more manageable than an entire blanket. Side benefit : we’ve been teaching each other loads of stuff and having lots of fun :XX:


Another great spot is WARM UP AMERICA. They take squares and put together blankets that are given to other charities all over the country. That way you don’t have to do a whole project unless you want to, but can still be part of sharing your knitting warmth :thumbsup:


I’m giving this a [color=red]BUMP[/color] for two reasons:…

1.) The holiday season is upon us and it is getting a bit colder, so if you were feeling inclined to knit for others this thread has some great links.

2.) I have a friend whose husband has been deployed to Afganistan :help: (VERY COLD in the mountains :shock: ). I wanted to make him a helmetliner but i have question…

  • it says i need size 16" needles. [color=blue]Do i have to buy those especially or will my Boye set suffice with a little fancy knitting? Or would i be better off buying 16" needles to avoid unnecessary hassles?[/color]


Having just finished using Boyes with the smallest cable, I would say try knitting a few rounds ans see if they drive you crazy. Personally I don’t think I could do it, because they cables are so stiff…but yours may be better than mine. Also, with the smallest cable your needle will measure 20"…may be too big.

I say do a test run, and if worse comes to worse, you have a great excuse to buy a new needle! :wink: