Knitting for charity

I used to attend a church that had a group of ladies who made quilts for preemies. I don’t quilt, but they said they also take knitted and crocheted blankets as long as they were a specific size. Any idea how I can find out how to do that? I was a 30week preemie, and I’ve always wanted to do something like this.

I was a 30 weeker as well, and the best advice I can give you is to cast on 75 st, knit a garter stitch border with an interesting pattern (or st st) in the middle, knit until it is square (or 15 inches) and bind off. There are patterns out there, and you can google, but I would just keep it simple. And then you can donate to whomever you please!

Good Luck!

What did you weigh? I was 2lb 4 oz, and I was born 26 years ago. (can I respectfully ask how old you are-even an approximation?)

Lots of children’s hospitals have programs like that. You can usually just contact their volunteer department. Also, if you do a google search on knitting for charity you can find a lot.


KatyKoolKat, I will be 31 in November. I was born at the Naval Hospital in Rota, Spain. My twin sister didn’t make it, she was 2lbs 1oz. I was 2lbs 4oz. Thankfully I was pretty healthy once they corrected a patent ductus arteriosus, although that left me with a huge scar. What’s interesting is that a family friendwho was a pediatric nurse went with me to Germany with my medevac. She intended to just accompany me, but ended up being fascinated with preemies and changing technology in that area so she got a transfer so she could be my nurse, started specializing with preemies and eventually became a NP working with preemies out in California somewhere.

Hmmmm…I wonder if my mother is still in touch with her (I’m pretty sure she is)…I should have mother look into if I can make blankets to send to her unit…

Anyways, nice to meet you!


Wow…both of you guys are lucky to be here! It’s hard to believe how much technology has advanced in such a short time.

Thanks, Beth, and I am sorry about your twin. On another note, it would be great if you could donate to your friend’s unit. I am donating to the unit that my sisters were born to here in calgary (one was 10 weeks early like me, and the other was only 5 or 6 weeks). This is the entire reason I began knitting in the first place. I went to a knitting shop and saw a whole book full of preemie sweater patterns, and wanted to knit and donate them, and here I am, doing just that!


Speaking of heart issues, I was days away from getting my pda fixed by open heart surgery, and ended up getting a body wide yeast infection that left a scar on my left retina, and my pda closed on it’s own! Amazing what a body will do to heal itself!

What a neat way to honor your sister and those who cared for you!

Two groups you could consider:

The Preemie Project accepts a wide variety of donations and is run by some very nice people. They also have a lot of good information, size charts, and pattern links on their site.

Lucy Bug knit-along is for those who want to encourage each other while making bereavement gowns, hats, booties etc. for little ones who flew home too soon. Items can be sent to Lucy Bug for hospitals in Utah, or people can join in and share what they are making and send to any organization/hospital they prefer. While most of the items are for loss, anything people want to send for preemies in the NICU are also distributed for that purpose. Lucybug has a few patterns on their site with plans to add more. Lucybug is run by my daughter in honor of a friends niece.

Both sites have photos of things people have made and might give you ideas on what you would like to do.

Best wishes,
Mama Bear

Thanks! My mom suggested I also look into donating to the Navy hospital at Rota. The Army hospital is closed now. But I like that idea too… For a long time I was going to become a nurse and work with preemies, but I became a mom first so if I ever do, it’ll be years from now. I’ve always wanted to do something though for other preemies.

Yes, the things that they can do nowadays for preemies is absolutely amazing!

Thanks so much for the links Mama Bear! :slight_smile: