Knitting for Charity

Hi All,
I noticed that some of you have knitted. I know you love to knit and for ten years knitters, just like you, have been participating in a heartfelt effort called Knit for Kids. Knit for Kids provides warm sweaters to underprivileged kids around the world. Handmade sweaters are sent to us by individual knitters and/or knitting groups - adding up to over 330,000 sweaters to date.
We encourage you to pick up your knitting needles and help those in need just as our knitter of the year, Joan McKeon has. Joan lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and has knitted hundreds of sweaters for Knit for Kids.
We’d love your help, too, so grab your yarn and let the knitting begin! For more information and suggested knitting patterns visit

That sound really cool ^_^. I’ve been holding off making a sweater for a while, but this is a great reason to make one! :XX: What size should we make it?

I’ve knit several sweaters for them (not mailed yet) and they have some patterns on their website if you want. Lots of info there, too.

We accept sweaters in children’s sizes 2-10. We generally do not supply infant sizes. However, we do like to receive the larger sizes so that we can supply a broader range of children. Smaller children will be able to grow into their sweaters and older children are not left out.
for more information. Look forward to hearing about your sweaters!