Knitting for an auction

I was planning on knitting a couple of booga bags to donate to a local school for a fundraising auction, and it just struck me that I didn’t know if that was ethical. I wouldn’t be making any money off of the design, but the school (hopefully!) would. Any thoughts? Am I being overly cautious or not cautious enough?

I know a lady that’s used patterns out of books to make and donate afghans for auctions, no prob. there. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be ok if you knit a few booga bags. I’d do it.

I would think it would be alright since its more like knitting for charity and you’re not making a profit from the bags.

Thanks for the replies! I’ll assume it’s okay.

If you’re really concerned, you can write to the author of the pattern and ask her. I’m sure that she’d be willing to talk about it with you. However, on the bottom of the page where she wrote the pattern, she writes:

Oh yeah, this pattern is the property of me (Julie Anderson aka Booga J) and all that good stuff. Feel free to print out a copy for yourself, but please don’t sell it. And also, please do not make bags to sell from this pattern.

If you are a yarn store owner and you would like to sell, distribute or use this pattern for a class, or in any other way, please email me to obtain a license. Thanks & Happy Knitting!

Because of that, I would email her:

I made a lace scarf for an auction recently, and I bought the pattern specifically for that purpose from the author, who knew why I was looking for the pattern. Since then, the pattern copyright has been sold, but I had permission to use the pattern for that purpose at the time. My scarf did so well that I’m considering doing a sweater or a shawl for next year’s auction. Good luck! :cheering:

Oh, thanks! I’m not sure how I missed that on the pattern page - probably I was trying not to hyperventilate at the idea of felting. I just emailed her and will update here with the reply if anyone else is curious.

I am definitely curious!

I already got a (very nice) reply back from Julie:

I do allow bags to be made for charity auctions. I only ask that you label the bag so that it says it was designed by Black Sheep Bags and that all proceeds from the sale of the bag go to the charity. (In addition, the bag must be handknit.)

So, it’s a go! She also said that some other people have had good luck with the bags doing well in auctions, so I’ll hope I have the same experience.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Good luck at your auction! Let us know how well it does!

I made clogs for my sons auction all the money was going to charity. I didn’t even think of this when I made them.

Oh good! :cheering: Glad to know it all worked out. Good luck with the auction!