Knitting for a small child

A girl at work wants me to make a scarf for her friend’s 13 mo. daughter as a surprise. I do not have children nor am I around any small children I could use to measure. I am not sure how long/wide would be appropriate for a child that size. She wants it made from Patons Allure yarn. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!

I do have children, and I would never make a scarf for a small child. Not to mention the fact that it probably wouldn’t stay on in the first place, unfortunately there is the choking factor which just isn’t worth it in my opinion.

Yeah, I agree with Knitqueen on this one, however it’s not my baby. I think if you can find a chart with average height for a 13mo old you can figure it out pretty easily.

I myself thought it was kind of silly to have a scarf for a 13 month old, it’s not like she will be out building a snowman with the other neighborhood children… but apparently the friend saw a baby girl with a little scarf and thought it was cute. But hey, not my baby either. :shrug:

Why don’t you make a hat instead? It’s much more fun to make a hat and they are just so cute.