Knitting for a Shower Gift

I’ve been given the heads up that I’m being invited to a Bridal shower for one of my cousin’s fiancee.

We’re on a bit of a tight budget and my family are big spenders. So I thought, I’ll combine my dollars with ‘me-time’ and give her something more valuable.

But then I choked because no one knows what this bride’s decorating style is like so the throw pillow covers I was going to knit are not a safe choice.

I’ve choosen to knit her dish clothes and hand towels. I’ve chosen Bernat’s Handicrafter Cotton in Key Lime and White and am doing the Corner to Corner pattern. Similar to Grandmother’s favourite dishclothes.

Anyhow… what is a reasonable amount of dishclothes and hand towels? I’m including some of the home-made house soaps the kids and I make, like dish soap, soap for mopping the floors, and scrub/scouring powder.

Today I knit while the kids played at the park and again after supper and finished 2 dish clothes, and half of a hand towel…

What do you think is reasonable? Should I do one hand towel for each dishcloth, or two dishclothes for each hand towel?

My husband said 4 dishclothes and 2 hand towels. But he… hates knitting (don’t you feel sorry for me? :lol: )… so I don’t really trust him too much!

Thanks for the help in advance!

If you do two dishcloths for each hand towel, you could make dish towel angels, I think. They’re sorta cute. :slight_smile:

If you have enough time, I would try to make 4 of each. That way two can be in the laundry, while she’s using the other two. More are even better… I go through hand towels and dish cloths soooo quickly.