Knitting for a Post-transplant kidney Person

I would like to knit my oldest son a sweater to wear when he gets cold. He is a 32 year old young man who is on the small side. He was born with kidney disease that affected his growth and eventually required a kidney transplant.The clothes that he buys ready made do not fit him due to his small size. He shops in the boys department. The sizes there come closer to fitting him than a man’s small size does. Even a small in mens sizes will swallow him. The shoulder seam will be down near his elbow.So you see how this would be a challenge for me. How do I go about planning a sweater to fit him?

Here are a bunch of pattern generators that would probably work.

Here are some books that teach you how to make your own mostly seamless sweaters based on measurements and gauge.

Thanks for the links I bookmarked the sites. My son is very small through the shoulders less than 20 inches is being generous to say. Once I measured him from shoulder to shoulder I found out that it was less than 20, 18 to be precise. His waist measurement is small too. He can wear his nephew’s belt and his nephew is only 8 years old and he wears a boys size 8. He is on the slender side too .
My son was never a normal weight in his entire life. At birth he weighed only 3 lbs 7 1/2 ozs but was not premature. His kidneys were abnormally small and only worked at half the capacity of a normal kidney. In 1999 his right kidney failed and he went into kidney failure. He didn’t realize he was in failure until it was almost too late. He came with in 24 hours of passing away in his sleep. He was hospitalized and put on dialysis. After he was stabilized and having dialysis on a regular basis, he learned to do peritoneal dialysis which gave him more freedom than hemodialysis did.Peritoneal dialysis is using the lining of the stomach to act as a filter doing a manual transfer of fluids. On Sept 2, 2000 he received a kidney from a young man who had been declared brain dead after an accident.
My other two children were born healthy and have both given me grandchildren. My youngest son has the other grandson.My oldest son has not married or fathered a child due to other problems resulting from surgery to correct birth defects he was born with. His present weight is only 96 lbs.He has never weighed more than 98 lbs at any time. When he got sick he lost down to 75 lbs.

Wow, he’s been through a lot. You, too. :hug: I think you should be able to design your own sweater for him with those links. Or you could use a boys sweater. Unfortunately patterns for males aren’t as popular as womens so they are harder to find, but making your own would be nice for him. If you have questions just ask and someone should be around to help if they can.