Knitting for a knitter: Good idea or bad?

Would you knit a gift for a knitter who doesn’t have time to even think about picking up a knitting needle (but would really love to)?

And also, as a knitter, do you (or would you) like to get a knitted item from another knitter–again, particularly if you didn’t have time to knit yourself?

Only a knitter can really appreciate what goes into a hand-made item. I say go for it.

I knit, crochet, and sew. I’d love to have any one of these things that someone else did for me.

I think that’s a nice thing to do and a knitter would appreciate it. :thumbsup:

I would love to receive a knitted gift! (especially something I don’t make for myself, like a scarf)

I agree with all of the above as something made to me is so much better than bought…It was made from the HEART!

Well, you guys are all [I]normal[/I]! My friend, on the other hand, gives herself guilt trips for not having conquered the world and cleaned it all up yet (in addition to everything else she’s doing)–which is why I asked.

Thanks for the feedback.

Well, you guys are all normal!
Now I feel insulted.:roflhard:

How does your friend respond to other gifts? Maybe that would help you decide. Some people appreciate handmade, unique items more than others. In my little corner of the world, the people I knit for seem to think that anything made just for them is very special. I think I see now why you’re not sure about this. Whether you decide to go ahead and knit something or not, I am confident it will be right.

Is there a knitting technique you like to knit that she doesn’t care to work herself but loves? Fair-Isle, lace, something like that? If you’d like to make her a little something maybe that could diffuse any potential guilt trip??? Just thinking out loud…

Regardless, I know you’ll come up with something appropriate. :hug:

I’ve given her crocheted things before and she seems to really like them, but that was before she got so darn busy!

It’s something to consider, though, and something I hadn’t thought about!


Those are some great ideas, Charlotte! I’ll have to think about it some and maybe ask some discreet questions!


I would knit for anyone I love…but not for money.

Another knitter would especially love to receive the gift of a knitted item. One thing I’d be sure to [U]find out first[/U]: is this person allergic to some fibers? Would this person prefer natural fibers, as opposed to acrylic?

Because in the end…my work would be perfect…but the gift might not be very practical if the fiber is not suited for the giftee. I put a lot of forethought into the pattern design, fiber content, and colors. Then, and only then, do I put the workmanship into it.

Never had anyone turn their nose up yet!

BUT, never found a knitter that didn’t knit! So I usually knit for non-knitters!

I’m not wild about the prospect of knitting for money. Look at those scrubbies I knit and sold last week! Bah! Cost of yarn: $1 per scrubbie. Sold for $2.50 each. Time spent: 45 min each. Ugh. No money in that. I did it as a favor to the nice staff at my dentist’s office.

BTW: One of the ladies IS A KNITTER…the lady who put in the second order for 8 veggie scrubbies! LOL