Knitting for a Geometry project

I’m a teacher and I have taught geometry more years than I want to count. I have used many crafts to illustrate the mathematical concept of similarity (Same shape but different scale). Most years I have shown the class a cross stitch pattern and then showed how the pattern is mathematically similar to the finished picture. This year, as my students are starting their similarity projects, I started mine—my first felting project, a hat. I thought that it would be a great opportunity to show that once the pattern is followed you have a basic shape that, even though you can shape hat some when wet, will be the same shape once the felting process takes place. Don’t really know exactly how this is going to go to work out but I am almost finished with the knitting so I will let you know.
If I can create some interest in knitting it will be a bonus. I am also thinking about starting a knitting club for the students…high school students have so many negative temptation these days, I thought it might be a good idea to try and give a creative hobby a chance.

Saw your post and thought these might be of interest to you!

If you can start a knitting club you could have them work on projects for charity. Here’s a good example:

But you can also check in with your local hospitals and see if they need any baby blankets for mothers with low income, stuff like that.

Great initiative! Keep us posted!