Knitting For a Chart

[B]I see all of these charts on some patterns. And others people just make up. Now that would be so FUN. ( Just to make them up, or put on a chart what you want.)

But my BIG question is, HOw Do You Do That? I don’t evetr know HOW to follow a chart. ??? How can I learn?


The best way to learn a chart is to knit from one. I find they may following patterns so much easier. It did take me a while, though, before I could confidently make a chart from written directions.

On the majority of charts, the right side rows are read from right to left, and the wrong side from left to right. Some charts don’t show the wrong side if you’re just purling across or knitting the knits and purling the purls. All charts have a key to help you decipher the symbols. You read them from bottom up, each box representing a stitch.

The Heart Satchet that I just finished and posted only had a chart to work off of. That was one of the reasons I attempted it. So, I could learn to work off of a small chart to start with. Once I figured it out, I really liked it. For me, looking at a chart was easier than finding my spot in a long line of k2, p1, k2tog, etc. while working a row. I would recommend picking a small project that works off of a chart and attempting to complete it. The best way of learning for me is actually to jump in and practice whatever I am learning. Here is the link for the Heart Satchet and if you decide to do it I can help with any questions you may have. -Ve


Thank You !!! That helped a lot!



Thank You!!! I guess I’ll do as you mentiuoned and just try it out!



Once you pick a charted project, look over the whole thing to make sure that you know how to do all the stitchs and understand all the symbols. If you get stuck just post here and all the folks are super nice and very helpful, so we can help you along. :slight_smile: -Ve