Knitting Flat to Knitting in the Round

I am just a beginner knitter, and I’m having some trouble making my first knitted toy. The pattern I’m using is on Ravelry: the chu totoro toy by brella. (can’t post a link yet but it’s easy to find from a google search)

I’ve knitted the body flat and now I’m supposed to “arrange stitches on needles in anticipation of joining to work in the round” to knit the head. My last row was on the WS so how do I join in the round for the stockinette stitch such that it’s not inside-out? I just need some clarification and maybe a useful video that illustrates joining with an already flat knitted piece (not just a CO). Thanks! :slight_smile:

Welcome to Knitting Help!

I don’t know of a video or tutorial, but put the needles into the stitches then bring the two ends together so the RS row will be on the outside of the loop if knitting. The working yarn should be coming from the stitches on the right. You’ll be knitting with your hands close to you and the loop of knitting away from you. It won’t be inside out that way.

Here’s a good tutorial with a photo of how you should be holding it.

You can divide the sts onto dpns, or circs, turn and do the RS row and at the end of it, do the next round without turning.

Thank you so much for the advice! :smiley: