Knitting first toe-up sock - HELP

So as I am making the increases, I noticed that my toe is indeed open. How will I finish the toe? The pattern doesn’t mention seaming it and I’m so new to socks that I am at a complete loss! Thanks in advance. 'Sorry if it’s a stupid question. :aww:

Oh - and if it helps: I used longtail CO. Thanks again!

I never knit a toe up sock before so I can’t answer your question. I did find a video that shows different cast on methods for toe up - I want to knit one now… (not enough time)

Here is a link:

I hope that helps… let us know how it goes.

OK… Your toe is open…

you cast on X (say 16) and joined into a round–and started knitting?

or are your increases too open? (i like a raised increase for shaping toe up socks–i think its the tightest/neatest…but that is MHO)

If you started with long tail, the answers is:

you’ll have to sew up the open cast on. (use the tail, and for this application, whip stitch it closed–then turn around and whip stitch it again, making a nice cross stitch line at the tip of the toe.

[B]Next time, consider your cast on[/B]–there are lots of cast ons besides Long Tail…

for toe up I am a fan of Judy’s Magic Cast on… (see YouTube/Cat Bordhi’s demo to learn)

but i’ve also used, a figure 8, and turkish/(aka eastern) cast on… (see for demos)

Or try the short row toe…

Cast on X (1/2 of total desired # of stitches+1)
USE a [B]simple[/B] or Use a [B]Provisional[/B] cast on.

DECREASE or short row till you have about 1/3rd or original #–ie, if you NEED 60 stitches, cast on 30 +1 (31)

decrease/ short row till you have 10 (or about 1/3 of 30 )

(2 decreases ever other row, or 1 decrease each edge)

then INCREASE by picking up (one stitch each in each edge of the previous knit toe half )till you once again have 30…
If you did short rows, just pick up 1 stitch at each edge every row…

then pick up stitches from cast on edge, (or undo provisional cast on, and use live stitches. --you’ll only be able to pick up 30–

round 1, correct count by K2tog.

(If you decrease in stead of doing short rows, you would have:
R1: sl 1, k1, K2tog knit rest of row
R2: Sl1, P1, P2tog, purl rest of row.

And then increased by:
Pick up stitch in first Chain (s1)–Knit row
at end of row, Pick up stitch in first chain on other edge

R2: slip the just picked up stitch, Purl row

Just be sure to work your way up the ladder of chains…each knit row, with 1 stitch picked up in each chain stitch.(2 total, one pick up on each edge)

Thanks for asking the question, Knitpurlgurl, and thanks for the detailed answer of troy. I’m about to start my first pair of two toe-up socks on one circular needle (I’m following Silver’s Sock Class for this one).

If you saw the Cookie A. episode of Knitty Gritty, she shows how to tighten up those stitches, it’s easy. Basically once you are a couple of rows into the toe, you can tighten by pulling from last to first stitch one by one. Since there are few stitches at the tip, it only takes a few tugs. Does that help?