Knitting first sock question

I am knitting my first sock and following Silver’s sock tutorial…I am just starting the heel, the tutorial says to slip as if to purl, does that mean the yarn is in front of the work too? Slip 1, K1 across, so is the yarn going in front and behind also, or staying in back? From the pictures it looks , to me, that the yarn is in front when you slip…


I slip as if to purl with yarn in back because it’s faster and that is the way my sock teacher taught me. On my first socks I did one one way and one the other w/o realizing it. They look different but wear the same so as long as you are consistent it’s not a big deal.

insert your needle as if you purl, but don’t wrap the yarn and DON’T PURL!! just slip the stitch off the 1st needle and onto the 2nd

Hello, Ginny –
You have a great question here! On the “slip as if to purl/knit” the yarn stays where it is depending upon the previous stitch.

So, if you just finished a knit stitch, the yarn is in the back and it stays there when you slip the next stitch.
If you just finished a purl stitch, the yarn is in the front and it stays there.

Sometimes, of course, the pattern will indicate “with yarn in front” or “with yarn in back.” If so, then move the yarn between the needles as indicated.
Keep the good questions coming! and happy knitting.

Davenport, thank you! I had the same question when working on mine.