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I’ve never read any books by Debbie Macomber, but I’m in the middle of “The Shop on Blossom Street” and I love it! I read a profile of this author in a knitting mag (she is a devoted knitter :smiley: ), and the book is all about a woman opening a yarn shop and a group of diverse women starting her beginning knitting class :XX: The pattern for the project in the “beginning knitting class” is in the front of the book! I see that the sequel (sp?) to this book is currently out in hardback.


I’ll have to check for that one at the library today. It sounds interesting.

[color=indigo]Another reason to go to the library after work today.

Knitting for Dummies
The Shop on Blossom Street

Anything else I should be looking for?[/color]

[color=indigo]Just checked the library website and there is a sequel to The Shop on Blossom Street called A Good Yarn. Of course, they are all checked out so I’m on the hold list.[/color] :rollseyes:

I’m headed for my library tomorrow, will definately have to check it out!

:study: I wish we had a nice library in our town. We have a small, volunteer run, donation library. A library card for one of the regular libraries in the next town over is over $100 (it is exactly what is earmarked from property taxes for the library). I’m currently weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a card. I love buying paperbacks, and I’m not sure I want the responsibility of library books at the camper, pool, etc… Hmmm – I know I will covet “A Good Yarn” when I finish this book!

Our town has a dinky little library with only a few knitting books, and most of them were published before I was even born. :rollseyes: However, they do have Debbie Macomber’s The Shop on Blossom Street, which I read a few weeks ago and LOVED. I discovered it quite by accident when I typed in “knitting” on the library’s website search engine.

Has anyone read Knitting by Anne Bartlett? It’s a novel about two women who connect thru knitting

I just won a copy of The shop on Blossom st for $1.95 on E-bay!!!

:thumbsup: Nice Job!! Enjoy :smiley:

I have read both of Debbie’s books that were mentioned, Excellent reading. I signed on to her mailing list and received a packet of coffee, bookmarker, stickers etc.

The Elm Creek Quilt Novels by Jennifer Chiaverini are also a great read.

I hope others add more titles for us. I’ll print off this page the next time I go to the library. :smiley:

Oh wow, this is great. thanks for those titles. Funny, I’m a writer (or was, or might be) and I wrote my first novel, completed last fall but haven’t sold it annnnnnnnnd with my newly found obssession (well not that new) of knitting, I have been contemplating the next novel to include knitting.

More to the point, a story about a city woman and a country woman who has sheep and spins and all that and they exchange places.

Soooooo, I can’t wait to read these novels. THANKS! :smiley:

And, I CANNOT believe a library charges for a card. That is so totally unAmerican, what the hell is that? A library is the most important place in the universe (well, aside from a couple of others I can think of) and the library is where I spent my entire childhood. That is so wrong. I mean, I could see maybe $5 for something but $100???
That is WRONG. :fingerwag:

Oh, I stumbled across this book at the library a couple days ago, thought it might be mambypamby or silly, but as it turns out, it was just what I needed this week and I’m really loving it.
The Knitting Sutra Craft As a Spiritual Practice
by Susan Gordon Lydon
Some really interesting facts too, like how Ralph Lauren tried to take credit for these Canadian Indians age old designs on his sweaters… and how these women in the Hebrides Islands always made their sweaters a little too small, then stretched them, to save on the amount of wool … they had to knit a sweater a WEEK to put food on the table for their families. Interesting huh?
ciao for now, Vic

Hey, Vic, if you need anyone to proofread your new novel, I’m sure you could find plenty of takers here. :happydance:

I live inside our city limits, so my library card is free, but a couple of years ago, they began charging $40 per year per family for anyone living outside the city limits. If I were to live outside the limits, I’d have no choice but to pay it, as I can’t imagine being without my card, but I sure as heck wouldn’t like it. :mad:

:happydance: Love all the great book references – thanks! I’m definately checking out the Anne Bartlett book :study:

The explanation I rec’d regarding the library charging a fee for their card is that the town residents pay a portion of property tax for the library district. Therefore, they charge out of town people the same amout that is paid through property taxes. I haven’t been in our little library for a while; maybe I’ll give them another look-see. I hadn’t even thought of checking out knitting reference books – that is a great idea.


My favorite literature genre is historical fiction.

I think if i were a writer i’d write about the women in Europe who knitted for the men in service and for themselves during the wars. Imagine having a real, immediate and grave purpose for knitting (keeping your children warm, keeping the service men kitted out, passing the time in the subways during the blitz with other strong women… ) It’d be a much different task.

I’m a real sucker for “the greatest generation”…


Thanks for info about the knitting books! I’ll have to check those out! :thumbsup:

Hey, HedgeHog! I love the 1940s/WWII era too! Have you checked out the Victoria and Albert museum online ( in the Collections > Fashion, Jewellery & Accessories > Knitting > 1940s Patterns to Knit) They have some really cool 1940 knitting patterns you can print. Neat stuff but too advanced for me! :blush:

I am visiting the library this afternoon after work… yay something new to look for! Thanks so much… hope this thread continues… :thumbsup: I love new book suggestions! :heart:

I understand the fee now, it’s for out of towners. Didn’t notice that before.

The only problem with checking out knitting books from the library (I’ve done it) is they are FILTHY. It’s like 1,000 people have had them laying around and eating while they looked at them. I joined Crafters Club so I could get 5 new books, nice and clean. It’s a good deal, except it’s taken me almost 4 months and I still haven’t received the 5th book. They are something else… at one point they sent me a late fee and I hadn’t received 3 of the books. A lot of agravation but I wanted all these books!

I originally looked at the Big Book of Knitting Stitches from the library and that got me going on joining the club coz I really wanted it as a reference book for new stitches. Maybe your library is cleaner! (after all I am in the new york city)

[color=blue]mmm our town library does not have much at all. I work in South Portland so I think I can join the Portland Library free. Will have to go check out what they have. Happy Book Hunting! [/color]:sunny: