Knitting & Excercise

Hello my name is Kblue…kristine… and i don’t like to excercise…:hot:. So last night i was talking to DH and officially hear him say that he lost 12 lbs. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I’ve been trying to loose 15 lbs for the past 3 yrs. :teehee: So i hate to excercise and my problem is that i just can’t stick with it long enough to see results. I usually quit after the first week and a half. So this morning i decided i shouldn’t PUSH myself i should just do somthing i know i can stick with…30 min. of walking (on a tredmill<–sp) at a good pace were i still work up a sweat but i’m not getting tired too fast. Downside to this REALLY REALLY BORING:shock: :sleepy: even with the TV on. So i figured i could KNIT while i walk. I’m working on this stitch pattern (picture below) in a different yarn. I worked 2 rows of 112 sts each row and my 30 mins was over. I think if i keep this up i’ll loose the 15 lbs and have my DD top finished. :yay:

Duh i forgot the picture

:shrug:pleaaaaaaase tell me how :wall: you can walk & knit!!! i’d have a mess… :whoosh:
i agree exercising is boring :psst:

what a great idea! I need to do exercise too - I hate it and always get distracted and don’t go to the gym. I should go and knit socks while I walk on the treadmill! =D

I LOVE your sig btw =D

Easy! Get a go knit pouch and use circs :teehee:

I can’t knit and walk at the same time, but I DO use knitting as a reward for doing stuff I don’t care to do (housework, workouts, etc.). Kblue - if walking on a treadmill is boring, you should try some of Leslie Sansone’s workouts. Her Fast Walk series (new) is pretty good.

I do this too! I tell myself, “Just get this sink of dishes done and then you can go zone in front of the tv and finish that sleeve…” :D.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring though - you just have to find something to do that you enjoy. Walking on a treadmill is almost guaranteed to be boring. Maybe try walking outside, so at least there are things to look at. Or go hiking - way more fun that walking inside :D.

When in doubt, reading a book while riding a stationary bike can help the time pass more quickly - but you have to make sure you are actually working out and not just peddling fast enough to keep the thing on lol.

I have found I can knit on the elliptical. Haven’t done it in a loooong time. Probably need to start again! (I have a lot more than 15 lbs to take off!)

I don’t think I could knit and work out at the same time! I’m impressed! That looks like darn good work for bouncing around on a treadmill!!

Sounds like a plan!! :thumbsup:

Stick with it though, even if you don’t see immediate results. I started exercising regularly back in about September, so about 9 months now, and I was getting frustrated because I wasn’t really seeing results but now I’m happy to say that I’ve lost about 7lbs (which doesn’t sound like a lot but I’m thrilled!) AND I’ve lost several inches off my bust and other areas. It’s a process that won’t happen overnight, and once you [I]do[/I] see the results it makes it all the more worth it.

Good luck!! And if you need some support you should check out the Fit Knitters Blog here at KH.

I find straight up “exercise,” like running or lifting weights or going to the gym, really really boring.

But I love exercising within the context of a sport or martial arts. I could convince myself to run when I was in tae kwon do, because I was working towards my black belt. I found the energy to keep pushing and going to class because I had a goal. And when I’ve done sports, it’s been more about the sport. I need a goal with my exercise beyond just “getting in shape” or I lose interest…

…which is a long way of saying, have you considered taking some sort of cardio or aerobics class or yoga or pilates or tennis lessons something? I don’t know if money is an issue (some of them can be quite expensive), but if it isn’t, they can be a lot more rewarding than just Sweatin’ to the Oldies. :teehee:

I had the tred set up next to the bed so i just placed my knitting bag on the bed and it helped keep the yarn off the floor and out of the way…ya that would have been really bad…I just need to stick with it :pray::pray::pray:


I can’t knit and walk, but I can knit and ride an exercise bike, especially a recumbent bike with a backrest. Mostly, like some of the others, I used knitting as a reward for getting other stuff done.

I’ve found bicycling to be about the most enjoyable exercise available. But then, I replaced my car with a recumbent bike so I might be biased. :rofling:

I actually have a recumbent bike too…humm maybe i should bring it back into the house to actually use this time:teehee:. I use to use knitting as my reward for finishing my house hold duties but then i started doing everything a little half a$$ed ha ha ha :rofling:.

My recumbent actually goes places. :rofling:

[B]OMG [/B]thats a totally [B][SIZE=4][COLOR=black]AWESOME[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] bike!!! Ya mine just sits there…and goes no where…and just looks at me saying you could’ve lost 15 lbs by now if you had just kept on riding… :roll:…

Yeah it’s a lot of fun to ride. Pretty fast too. I use it for all of my local transportation needs.

Listening to knitting podcasts also helps treadmill time go faster!:happydancing:

Yeah, if I start exercising on a treadmill or bike etc. one day I definitely plan to have my knitting or a book with me because exercise for the sake of it is boring! I also think that having iPods and Podcasts to customise your soundtrack helps make the exercise more fun - or at least more tolerable.