Knitting European Method

I was taught (from my mother who is from Greece) to knit in the European Method (not Continental). It is a simple and fast way to knit. The only problem is that I have a terrible time converting stitch that are not knit/purl to work in my project. Does anyone know of a book or any information on this method of knitting?
I have a beautiful scarf pattern I would like to knit, but there are so many stitches that are almost impossible to convert. Everything is either reversed or upside down. Help?

First I need to establish what method you are doing. Is it like this? They call this European Knitting, but it’s most often called combined. If this isn’t it find a video on You Tube that shows us how you knit.

If this is what you’re doing …this method twists the stitches on the knit row and untwists them on the purl row. You’ll need to learn other methods when you knit this way because the stitches are mounted differently on the needles. Here’s a link that shows methods that work with combined knitting.