Knitting Essentials

No stash is complete without…a cat…haha

So cute.

Cute kitty. But I can’t be around them … they make me wheeze.

Cute picture. We’re allergic in our house too, but my dogs get very curious about my yarn.

Sometimes I wish I was allergic to them! LOL…I love my kitties, but man can they be pains in the butt!

I will totally agree with that. As I type this my cat is asleep about 8 inches from the computer. She thinks she rules the house… ( I don’t tell her she isn’t)
She helps me knit, helps me type, and can cause havoc. But at night if I can’t sleep and I’m tossing & turning… she wil come and lay by my head, and purr… I always fall asleep to that. She stays still I’m asleep. I couldn’t ask for a better cat…

Cute pic!! Knitting without cat hair would be so weird for me, I wouldn’t know what to do. I’m totally owned by two black long hair kittehs. :heart:

Very cute! If it were my cats, they would be devouring the plastic bag!

My younger daughter and her dh have 2 cats, and she says theyre crazy:
they steal food from her plate if she’s not looking
they steal her socks, hairbrush, toothbrush, and stash them
they run across her head, while they’re sleeping

all kinds of crazy things

What does your cat do? It looks very intelligent and mischivous.

aww, what a sweet cat

I love it! My cat is very much like that. Your cat looks like it’s saying “I come too”.

purdy kitty!

Ohh, the last bad thing she did was pee on hubby’s laptop and totally killed it! But, she’s so darn cute and sweet, it’s reeeeally hard to stay mad at her! LOL! I think she knows she did something really bad too, she’s been a lot more lovey lately!


We used to own a Cairn terrier, (20 yrs ago) who disliked my husband so much, he’d pee on his pillow. :teehee:

That is such cute cat! What a sweetie, looking after your knitterly things. My cat back home was always a desk accessory. Or a center piece for the dinner table. Or … you get my drift. :teehee:


My kitty has a lot of forgiveness saved up for a lot of future sins since she comforted me when my 2nd mom died - she usually sleeps by my feet, and that night she parked herself up by my head and purred and purred and purred. So when she grabs my yarn when I’m knitting… it’s easily forgiven.

Lovely kitty…My cat peed down the plughole in the bath last week!!!
She has never done anything like that before (not that I know of)

Now that is one talented cat Pauline… perhaps you could train her to use the toilet. My DH had a cat that he trained to use the toilet, the darned cat even flushed when it was finished!

Our cat now is my best companion. She sits right beside me all day and watches me knit or type. If I go outside for a smoke she sits at the door waiting until I come back in. If I have the nerve to go out, she yells at me when I come home. When I am sick she lays beside me with her back up against me and purrs me to sleep. She is my best friend.

Mine doesn’t steal my toothbrush but the one likes to pull tampons out of the box and carry them all over the house. Really nice when company’s around. She also likes to pull needles out of yarn and lay on material and patterns when we are trying to cut them out…
I love her anyway…