Knitting ends in

I am a new knitter and new to this forum.

Am presently doing a babies sock with stripes but would like to reduce as much bulk as possible when joining in a new colour yarn.

I don’t wish to carry the yarn up my knitting because I’ve seen a method where the old yarn gets knitted in along the first 5 or so stitches…after joining new colour yarn.

I don’t remember how this was done. I’ve tried but it’s altered the sharp line of the stripe on the right side…I get odd/extra purl V’s above the worked row.

Does anyone know how to do this technique? Thank you.


Ok, I think I understnad what you are asking but if I have got the wrong end of the stick, please forgive me.

I think to knit the old yarn in you simply use the technique for fair isle, where you twist the two yarns ( the one you are using and the old yarn) together, and then knit a stitch, and do this for every stitch until you either want to use the yarn again, or in your case want to cut the yarn off. For instructions for the fair isle technique you can go here: and then follow the instructions for knitting two colours at a time.

Fudgie:I believe you’re speaking of the way that you drop and pick up yarns for Intarsia knitting.

Grace: The video for Intarsia is right next to the one for Faire Isle, so that’s where you can find it. I actually don’t suggest twisting it every stitch, I suggest twisting it every other stitch as this helps to lock the previous twist in place and allows you to effectively knit over the top of your tail when you twist it again. It’s a very secure method and you can find an illustrated guide for it at

Fudgie and Aidan, thank you. I will go and check out both links that you suggested which should help me get on with it.

I go to knitting lessons and I remember the teacher taking both threads around the needle but I don’t remember her twisting it. She did it on every other stitch. I have a class tomorrow night and will ask her to demonstrate again. Much appreciated.