Knitting emergency ornaments

I shamelessly stole this idea from someone at Ravelry.

In case of knitting emergency, break glass:

tiny skeins of yarn, + toothpick needles in a glass ornament. SO easy, So cheap, so cute!

Very clever! :thumbsup:

Ahhhhh! I love it!!! :smiley:


Oh wow, that is so cute! I want to make those ASAP!

How cute! What a great idea.

LOL I seen those to and thought hrmmm…:teehee:

They look great!!:blooby:

Oh that’s great! I must make some immediatly!

Such a fantastic idea! They look great MaryKz :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness, those are so cute! Great job!

Very cute!

Love it! Those are adorable, and hey what a way to use to little bits of yarn leftovers, great idea.

Cute! A great way to use up those small bits of yarn, too!

Wow! These are awesome, what a great idea! Stopping at the store on the way home…

Brilliant! I have a knitting group party to go to this week! :thumbsup:

ooh- good idea! they would make great presents!

To anyone on Ravelry- the originals I saw were on Geekette’s projects. (hers are way cuter!)

To make all 5 took all of 30 minutes. :wink: (including “help” from my 5 y o)

What a cute idea! I’m making these for some of my knitting friends! thanks!

I saw these on Ravelry and they are cute.


I love this idea.

Very cute!