Knitting emergency...knitting backwards?

Hi there, I’ve been knitting only for a month or so, and I was just giving some of the videos a closer look and I think I’ve been knitting backwards!

Instead of going down under the front stitch, I’ve been popping it straight through the stitch. It also looks as though I’ve been winding the wool opposite. In the last few weeks I’ve made lots of lovely things (nice enough to be gifts for people :woot: ) but am I doing this wrong?? I want to do it the right way so that I can easily pick up the more complicated stitches later on but when I tried the video I just could NOT do it like that. I’m getting better at it with practice but it still seems so slow?? Will it really make a difference (this is probably a really stupid question :aww: ) or should I really apply myself and learn it? Or am I just going crazy?? :slight_smile:

PS I’ve been doing continental knitting.

Thanks for any help you can offer!!!

I’m having a hard time visualizing what you’re doing - any way you can post pics?

Does your end result look OK/normal? If so, it may not be an issue. Lots of people knit differently - if whatever you’re doing works, then all is good! :yay:

It sounds like you’ve been knitting backwards backwards, if you know what I mean. When knitting backwards, you do what you do, but you use the left needle to knit the stitches who are on the right needle.

Maybe you should learn the right way, to make it easier with other stitches. Otherwise you’d have to figure out how to knit these stitches “your way”.

Even if it’s slow at the beginning, you will get faster with practice.

Everyone’s slow in the beginning anyway.

You could be wrapping the yarn the opposite direction of how other knitters do it, but it may turn out right for you with no twisted stitches. A picture of your work that shows your sts clearly (in light yarn) could help us see how you’re doing.

Ah yes that wasn’t very clear, was it? From a look through the site it kind of looks like I was doing the combined knitting method…but backwards! I spent the morning trying and trying and once I started going then the stitches were oriented correctly on the needle and it was so much easier to get the needle in for the knit stitch. But then I realised that the part that was really slowing me down at first was wrapping the yarn around the needle the “wrong” (ie RIGHT!) way. Now I’m getting used to that and I’m fine. How silly! Thank you for the help :smiley:

It sounds to me like you’ve been knitting through the back loop. Take a look at the video under ktb and see if that is what you’ve been doing. I actually completed a baby blanket and gave it as a gift, all ktb!! Horror. Easy to correct, though. Keep trying!