Knitting Emergency! HELP ME! :CRY:

So I don’t know what to do. I only had 2 pair of shorties that I knit Anne Carson last year that still fit her. She has a TON of shirts that match these.

It was warm last week. She wore them and at nap, some poop got out of her diaper. Usually, Chad puts the poopy wool on top of the diaper pail, but for some reason, he put them in the garage. I didn’t think anything about it until I went to wash them today.

I found this!!!

The other day, it was raining, so we let our dog in the garage. I guess she ate the poopy part!!! And it’s a large gaping hole!!

Please, please help me.

If it were just in the legs, I’d be fine. I’ve still got yarn from both the main part and the trim. But it goes into the rounds where the crotch split is. I just have no idea what to do!!

Poor Mama! Knit a Yellow Smiley or Red heart or a big Flower and stitch it there! And be sure to reinforce around the BooBoo with darning to keep it from raveling more. Mary

You did a beautiful job on the soaker. Do you have enough yarn to re-do it if you start from an inch above the bitten off part? It would be a shame not to use them again. Even if you only have enough to get to the legs, maybe you could add a contrasting yarn for the ruffle. I love the yarn you used, do you remember the name of it?

Mimi- It was originally a 4 oz. skein, and there’s still 1.4 oz left. So it should be plenty.

I got this one from Ebay from a dealer from the UK. Don’t remember the name. Sorry.

Ditto the patch idea–a pink heart or flower would do nicely.

I agree with the patch idea! The colors are so spring-like, I think a flower patch would accent it wonderfully!

And, I’m so sorry to see the damage…Sometimes my pets can make me so mad…Like last week…one of our cats actually peed on hubby’s laptop and killed it :frowning: We salvaged the hardrive, but, the computer itself is dead. The kitty, fortunately survived…hubby…LOL

Hopefully you can find a good fix!

Aww, I’m sorry. They were so cute! I like the flower idea. Here’s a few patterns you might be able to adapt.

This one is technically a washcloth, but you could make it smaller maybe?