Knitting edges (seams) do not match in length to graft together, any suggestions?

I have made two identical,(front, back) pieces for a tunic. The seam doesn’t quite match in length due to poor blocking. Any suggestions for making them even so the seam is smooth when knitted together?

thank you for your time and suggestions


You might try to reblock it.

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Are you grafting or doing a seam? Reblocking is probably your solution. Maybe you could pin the pieces together, one on top of the other, and wet them. Or wet them first then pin them together. When dry they should match exactly. You might even be able to pin then steam or spray them, then let them dry.


Thank you kindly, good advise! I will try and re block the two pieces together .
Keep you posted

Sue 2

Excellent idea. So simple yet never thought of it.
thank you so much!


Great advise…thank you so much!


Thank you so much for your great advise. I have now blocked and when dry will try again. It seems, ( no pun intended)the seams line better already .
Many thanks

Good. I thought about stacking and blocking because when I sew and I want to cut out two matching pieces I much prefer to cut out both layers at the same time. I’ve not done much blocking yet. Maybe I guessed good. :blush:

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