Knitting edge

I just went to the Knit Out at the Mall of America and saw a sample of knitting with a very nice braided edge…no one knew how to do it but suggested a slip stitch at the end of the row…I cannot figure it out …help please!!!

Could it have been a crochet edge by chance?

If it’s a slipped selvage st you’d slip the first (or last) st of each row knitwise or purlwise…some people opt for one over the other…and work to the end. Frequently used on scarves, afghans, etc to give a nice, clean edge. This is a very common, and easy, technique so if the party didn’t know how the piece was done that you were looking at it’s hard to know w/o seeing it. Thus, this is just a guess. (There are many other selvage st treatments.)


This is example of slipped edge st (on front band of cardi).


YES, yes!!! That is exactly what I want…so, do I just knit the row and, when I turn it to start the second row, do I slip the stitch off instead of actually knitting it???



You are a man of many words, lol

Gosh, tell us all about it!!! Did you get to see Vickie Howell?. I begged and pleaded with DH to get me there…he wouldn’t drive and I refused to pay such hi prices to fly (I’m in Ohio) I’ll bet it was fab!!!