Knitting duplicate pieces

[color=blue]On, it states, "when knitting duplicate pieces, knit both pieces at the same time on the same needles, using a separate ball of yarn for each piece. How do you do that? I make alot of purses with a front side and back side. This would be much easier doing them at the same time…any ideas??[/color]

When I knit "two"s of something (like sleeves), I generally use a fairly long circular needle and cast on for each one with its own skein of yarn (and, personal preference, a stitch marker in between so I’ll realize when I start the other sleeve, or whatnot). Then I work the pattern for the the first sleeve, and then repeat it for the second sleeve, turning my work after the second one is complete, and continuing. The big thing to remember is before setting down your work, either finish the row for both pieces (so you’re ready to turn) or at least knit partially into the second piece, so you’ll know where to pick your knitting up next time. That way, you won’t get confused about which piece you knit last. I have done that so many times :frog: :wall:



[color=blue]Thank you. That was a great explanation!! :thumbsup: [/color]