Knitting Duplicate Pieces

I tried to search on this and couldn’t find anything in the forum…

Can anyone help me understand how to knit duplicate pieces at the same time? I understand you can do that with socks, sleeves, fronts of cardigans, and who knows what else. Just wondering if y’all have some insight, or maybe a webpage or book you can refer me to?
Muchas muchas gracias :slight_smile:

You can use two sets of needles and cast on each sleeve, sock, whatever as you normally would (two separate skeins of yarn or the center pull and the outer end of the yarn from the same skein) Then you just alternate between the two pieces. Or you can use the magic loop method…which is pretty cool. Both pieces are cast on to the same circular needles (you need a long cord for this…like 40"-50", the denise interchangeables are great for this!) and knit them from there. If you look at Amy’s magic loop video is on THIS page if you want to get a better visual idea of what is involved.

I’m doing two sleeves (flat) on one circular needle. Just cast on each one separately, either from separate balls of yarn or each end of one ball, knit across one, knit across the other, and then turn! I’d take a picture but the camera is not home at the moment.

oh yeah…I was just assuming pieces that are knit in the round…a regular circ works great for doing two flat pieces :slight_smile:

thanks for the insight, girlies :slight_smile: