Knitting doublestrand.... rolling the yarn to make 2 strand

HI… fairly new here…

I am going to attempt to knit fiber trends child clogs. I bought cascade 220 yarn, big twists as you all know. For the smaller clogs, can i roll the one twist into two balls to get the two strands. I assume the pattern takes account the two strands correct when telling amounts to get.

Hope this isn’t a too obvious question and answer. :smiley:


Personally I’d just wind the hank into one ball, then knit with both ends held together (one coming from the inside and one from the outside of the ball). I can’t stand to have more than one bal of yarn attached to my project at any given time! :wink:

Is there a tutorial on how to roll a ball that has two ends? Didn’t even know that could be done by hand!


Whenever I’ve done something with two strands, I don’t wind them together. I have found in the past that even if it’s the same yarn, they ‘feed’ at different rates. It’s easier to untangle it than fight with it for me.

There’s a video here on how to wind a center pull ball – on the basic techniques “and more” tab.

Every ball has two ends…the beginning and the end. That’s what I meant, anyway – I pull the end form the center, and the end from the outside and hold them together. :smiley:

great… found it… thanks julie…