Knitting disasters, as in accidents with your yarn-had any?

I was sitting in the rocker recliner the other night, half watching tv, and half knitting. My trusty glass of sweet tea was at my side on the end table (living in the south=drinking sweet tea :mrgreen: ). When a commercial came on, I stuck my knitting in the bag beside my chair and hopped up to make a bathroom run. As I did so, I clipped the edge of my tea glass, dumping the entire thing, upside down, INTO MY KNITTING BAG :doh:

That glass was full of ice and tea, which totally saturated the completed fun fur headband in the bag that I’d made for my daughter, as well as the scarf I was working on that had about 6-8 inches completed. :crying:

I dumped it all into the sink and cleaned it up the best I could. The WHITE headband that I’d made for my daughter was pretty simple to clean, as I immersed the entire thing in clear water; but the scarf was attached to a large skein of yarn, which I attempted to clean by sponging off the outside.

I am just kicking myself for not being more careful! :wall:

Has anyone else had unfortunate knitting disasters? Misery loves company, you know. :blush:

I spent the whole day at work–a day in a school without students–working on a sweater for my grandson–fair isle in light colors. I put my “empty” travel coffee cup in my bag when I left. The knitting was in a baggy, which I neglected to close. The coffee cup had just enough left in it to stain every piece I had in there. I didn’t even try to wash it. I was too disgusted with myself. :frowning:

:crying: :crying: :crying:

On circulars…I am doing a “hot damn” variation, in other words, dead simple…well, I had it up in its basket, and hadnt pushed it down on the circulars…either that or my stupid Pooey Foosums kitty cat got in there…it was off the needles, half unraveled, luckily i was only a few rows in because I basically had to frog it and start over. I was NOT pleased.

my yarn disaster is as follows…I was working on a HUGE baby blanket (about 36"x36"), hat, and booties for a friend having a baby. It was ALL done excet for about 8" of the blanket. Well, I set the blanket down to help my potty-training 20 month old son to get to the bathroom…well, he peed all over it!!! I worked on that darn pee-soaked blanket for 4 HOURS to finish it!!! I washed it that night once it was done and no one was the wiser!

Ingrid, if that had happened to me, I’m afraid I’d have had to toss it, too. I drink my coffee really strong, and my tea really weak. I think my tea was alot easier to rinse out than my coffee would have been. I guess that can be my silver lining in that cloud; that I was drinking tea and not coffee! :wink:

Kitkat, when first learning to knit, I read alot of horror stories on here of pets and tots pulling projects off needles. I guess that’s helped me to be more aware of that possibility, and I yell at any of my dogs (or cat) which come anywhere near my knitting. :fingerwag:

Jessica, I think your story takes the cake! :thumbsup: Knitting for four hours on a pee soaked blanket should deserve some sort of reward! :roflhard:

Oh, I rewarded myself, alright! You should have SEEN the drink I poured myself when it was finally washed and drying!!! :thumbsup:


I would bet that blanket’s been peed on once or twice since then, too…