Knitting diaper soaker questions

I’m a newbie knitter. The first project I’m working on is a diaper cover. In the pattern I’m using, it says to Kitchener the crotch flap together. The front of the flap is 14 stitches and the back is 16 stitches. I’ve looked at videos for doing Kitchener but they all appear to be doing the same amount of stitches. Can you Kitchener with 2 different amounts of stitches, and how would I go about doing that?

My second question is about doing the leg cuffs. How are you supposed to pick up stitches and start knitting the leg cuffs? Haha, I probably sound so dopey! Any help appreciated! TIA!

No questions are dopey. We all have to learn sometime! I’m still learning new things. :thumbsup:

First of all…do you have a pattern link? It’s always helpful.

Kitchener should be done on the same amount of stitches. Did the directions leave you with that amount or did you have extra? I guess you could use two stitches on either end for one graft, but it will be slightly bulkier. Don’t know that it would make that much difference though on the crotch.

Whether you pick up stitches or not depends on the pattern. Some are done like that, but some are done as one piece. If you can get that link we can help more.

I’d either put two sts into two of the grafts as Jan suggested or take out the last row and decrease two sts across that row so that there are an even number of sts on each needle for the graft.

Here’s a video for picking up sts for the cuff. Your pick up is going to be a little more exciting than the one in the video because you’re picking up around a curve but just try to distribute the picked up sts fairly evenly around the opening and it will be fine. I’m always amazed at how beautifully picked up sts finish an edge.

I hadn’t even thought of putting two stitches into two. I was thinking maybe add another row on the front side and decrease so that there would be an even number of stitches, but the other option is probably quicker and easier haha. I don’t have extra stitches, that’s just how the pattern stated to do it, though I’m not sure why.

Here is the link to the pattern:

Off to go check out the video!

Thanks for the help!

I think you’re going to be fine just working two sts together twice for the crotch. However, in case you decide to make more of these handy diaper soakers, it looks like both the front and the back pieces should have the same number of sts. Depending on the size you’re making it’s either 14 on front and back or 16 on front and back. See the pattern numbers: 14(16, 20, 22, 24) sts which makes sense for the Kitchener graft.
Good luck with the rest of this adventurous first project!

Haha! Totally missed that! Thanks!