Knitting design computer program


In the past I’ve seen a couple of programs that helps to design and determine where to put the stitches (increases, decreases and so on) to form a certain size and shape of the knitted projects (I don’t mean machine knitting).

Well, now I really could need one of those. :slight_smile: I’d really appreciate some recommendations on both freeware and company owned. :slight_smile:

Hand me your favourites, tips and reviews if you’ve got any!



I own this one…grab something before you look at the price, but i design alot so it is worth it to me.

heres a really cool free one but it stays online…you put your stitches in and a chart is generated for you…this is the one i used before buying one.

but then if you are willing to do some work…theres this one. it works off your Microsoft Word program and some knitting fonts that you download. the link for fonts are given on this website.

theres this onebut its not only geared towards knitting…it has crochet and cross stitch ect…

that should get you started …but if you google “Chart Generator” or “Knitting software” you can do some resurch of your own…

hope that helps…

Artlady has this one and loves it and it’s the one I’m going to get soon!

Sweater Wizard 3

Here’s a whole thread about it.

I’ve heard of Stitch wizard before. But thanks Lissa, for the other options.

I gotta say, I’m loving all the stuff you can do on the computer now. Back when, yes in the dark ages when I learned to knit, pictures were all you had. If you got stuck, you had to find another knitter to help you. Now, you can watch videos of almost any technique. I think that is what has made knitting more accessible & popular.

Now you can make patterns on the computer, too. Looks easier than doing it on paper. I’m gonna check out some of the freebies. Not sure I can fit $185 in my budget. But wow, does the first one look nice.

Thank’s a lot. The first software looks really neat. :slight_smile:

However, I’ve got a certain need for this little thingy I’m about to create.

I would need to build up something like this:

Though my pice would be quite a bit more advanced than the picture. :slight_smile:

So… If you had a program where you added the picture, entered the measurements of the wished piece and entered your gauge, clicked enter and got a “shape-chart”.

Making any sense? :smiley:


Ok i got ya:thumbsup:
Heres one for knitting.

Heres another one…

Heresa website that talks about different ways you can accomplish a image-to-knitting pattern

Here is some that will make you a cross stitch chart…but you could easily use it as your knitting chart…

heres one of those…

and another one

these will only make the chart for you…you would need to add the inc/dec’s. which then you are back at square one.
I would get the chart made and then shave off the shape you wanted…add your increases and decreases to the edges. sort of on the outside of your shape.
The shapes you show, all would take single decreases…
the first shape would take a decrease on the right edge and a increase on the left edge… same row. the top and bottom would remain the same.

the second shape you show…you would need to increase on both sides to a certain length and then increase on the right edge and decrease on the left edge to a certain lenght and then decrease on both sides to your point.
Hope that helps

Wow, that was a whole bunch! :smiley: But there didn’t seem to be any where you enter the projects size or the knitting gauge? Or am I somewhat stupid? :smiley:

Examplifiation of what I want:

I want to knit a shape, this, for instance this one:

I want the left and right sides to be 7 inches and the top and down sides to be 5 inches.

I know my gauge, but i need to have a chart fitting my gauge so I can see where to put the increases and decreases to shape the geometrical pattern.

See? :slight_smile:

I want the left and right sides to be 7 inches and the top and down sides to be 5 inches.

you need 2 things…

the first shape is fairly easy to figure out…it doesnt move in differant directions…soooo
multiply your stitches per inch by 7 = cast on stitches
multiply your row per inch by 5 = rows you need to be doing
get your chart and find the center of it. split the cast on stitches in half and count from the center to however many you need…and thats your edge. getting the picture centered is another issue compleatly…

for the second shape…is more complicated…

Hi have you tried