Knitting Daily TV

Does anyone get this show? I don’t in San Diego. Is it any good? I’ve been considering ordering the DVD’s but I would like a review from someone who has actually watched the show.


There is another recent post about the show. If I remember correctly, hardly anyone gets it. Some that asked their local channels and got responses said it was too expensive.

I’ve thought about buying the DVDs, but so far am so outraged that they’ve out-priced themselves from the public TV market that I don’t want to give them my money either.

Here it is:

The forerunner of this show (Needlearts Workshop) comes on our PBS station on Tuesdays, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon (same episode both times). I forgot about it this week thanks to Gustav, but we’re pretty much back to normal now.

Needlearts Workshop stars Shay Pendray and she has different guests on the show, and not just knitting.

Is the show on PBS?

If you read the other linked post it gives info on how to find out if you get it in your area.