Knitting Daily TV

Sounds like a great show that I would watch, and since I don’t have cable I can get PBS.

Yeah!! Can’t wait.

Thanks for the info.

this sounds great, I can’t wait til it starts

Ohhh, I can’t wait until this starts- hopefully the US pbs station that I get will broadcast it. We don’t get Knitty Gritty in Canada, so it’s finally time we do!

My local PBS station doesn’t show the program now so I don’t think they will show the updated one either :cry:

I wondered what happened to Shay Pendray’s show.
I’m glad it will be more focused on knitting than needle point when it comes back.

This should be on Create, which is only digital broadcast (and many cable stations don’t carry the digital multicasts of the locals).
The digital converter boxes are about $49 at Walmart and you can get up to , 2 $40 coupons for the boxes.
Set up a VCR or old TV to receive digital.

If your local PBS carries Create on their multicast you should get the show. You can check at .

Knit and Crochet Today is also on Create.

As I’m not a fan of KnittyGritty, I’m glad to see that Shay Pendray will be coming back with this show focused on knitting.

Thanks for the update!

Sounds interesting.

Knitgal, Keep fingers crossed that we can get it. I have seen Knitty Gritty a few times while staying in USA but it was on so early in the morning.