I visited Knitting Daily thanks to a reference in this forum and signed up for their mailing list. But I never got the confirmation email (checked my spam folder too) and I can’t get into the pattern database. Does anyone know, does it take a while? Maybe they approve manually? Or am I already blackballed because I did a scarf without swatching first? :teehee:

If you knitted without swatching, you’ll probably be on probation for a while still. I hope they let you in soon! :teehee:

Hi Cindy! The same thing happened to me!

Hmm… It’s been awhile since I joined so I don’t remember how they did it.

I don’t know if you can see this page, but if you can here’s a contact page.

Try signing up again and then try the contact. If this still doesn’t work let me know and I’ll see what else I can find.

Hmmm. :?? I just recently signed up for the newsletter without any problem–got a confirmation quickly too. Maybe their server is down or something.

:psst: I don’t swatch sometimes too. Don’t tell!:out:

Thank you Jan, I did send a message to CS earlier today and they were able to send the confirmation email to me. Evidently they were having troubles with the email system or something. So I’m good to go now. Thanks everyone (even Silver who put me on probation)!

I’m in too. I just tried to sign up again and it worked this time.

Thanks everyone!!