Knitting Cushion Help with Reading Pattern

Can you tell me what does this line means: AT THE SAME TIME on last row inc 24 sts evenly on the middle 58 sts = 110 sts._ ??? Below is the pattern

RW1: Knit
RW2: knit 16sts, k58 and add 24sts, K16 How to add 24 sts? every 2nd stitch?

Maybe this pattern?

If you increase alternately every other stitch and then every 3rd stitch you’ll come close. These sts don’t have to be precisely added, just approximately across the middle 58sts.

Read the charts from the bottom right to left on the RS rows and left to right on the WS rows

Please edit your post to remove most of the body of the pattern. That way there won’t be any copyright problems even with a free pattern.


Yes this is the same pattern I am doing…
So Its the 2nd row that I need to Increase right?

Yes, increase on the 2ndrow of garter stitch. This is so you’ll have more sts for the cable pattern to follow.

Thanks. I dit it and now moving to the main cable pattern. Both the charts are bottom right to left zigzag right? How to read the M2 chart… it is showing me 4 rows and 2 sts each row… the pattern asks for 12 sts each row in M2… i have to do this for many rows till the length we want…why did they only give 4 rows?? Do i do K n P 1st row and Pn K 2nd row??

Thanks for help

Great! Yes read the RS rows right to left and the WS rows left to right. I’d number the rows or use highlighter tape or sticky notes to keep your place.

M.2 chart repeats across the 12sts so you only need to see one repeat, then follow that set up across.

It seems to me that the chart key should show the open squares as “k on the RS, p on the WS” and the dotted squares, “p on the RS, k on the WS”. That’s what the projects show:

Srry. M confused now… wht u said in tht last para…
On rs after 2 edge sts when i have to do 12 M2 i will be repeating k1p1 for 12 sts then move to M1 chart… 2nd row ws, i will be repeating p1k1. Is this wht tgey say??? M1 has 24 rows and M2 has only 4 rows… i guess they are only establishing pattern in M2 chart…

M i right…

Yes, you could make a larger chart for M.2 but it would be repetitions of the blocks that they give you already. M.2 is enough to work the repeat.

Take a look at the Ravelry projects. The resolution on the photos is better.

Hi, i am almost done with this pattern but i have a change of mind… i want to do zipper instead of buttons cos then i can use the cover both sides… u the buttons are taking away some cable design so u know best way to add zipper? Any oattern that has zipper so i can juest follow it?

This is the way I set in a zipper.

There are several online tutorials too. Basting in really helps make sure everything is correct before you do the final seams.