Knitting Cruise

OK - had to share ad that Gmail found so appropriate to send me :roflhard: Just in time too. I NEED a vacation!!!

I’ve been wanting to do this, too!!! Just can’t decide where to go…wouldn’t it be wonderfully relaxing…getting to knit with others, eat food, share in our obsession, did I mention eat food? LOL!

There’s actually a couple threads about knitting cruises and trips. Knitaly comes to mind. :wink:

Too bad I get so seasick. :pout: I would definitely find a way to go!

Didn’t think about that but I would take the risk! I don’t have a problem in a boat on the water but they say the ocean is a whole different matter.

Yeah, they do. However, I have been seasick and it’s the most horrible feeling on earth… constant nausea until the boat stops moving pretty much. No way I’ll ‘try’ it. The thought of being sick for a week… :zombie:

I don’t get seasick thankfully, but my poor BF does horribly. Does Dramamine work for you?

I dunno, never had occasion to need it, but my system is usually very responsive to medication so it would probably work for me.

also tehre are homeopathic versions that could work for you also. the over the counter med’s (inthe uk anyway) my brother never found worked (he’s a pill popper, anything slightly wrong he’s straight to the meds).
i’m lucky no seasickness. i love cruises.

i looked into these a while back, not to suire hopw ds would feel about a week on a boat knitting, is this mean mummy time again i think :rofl:. well i could drag bf along as well just to add to the mean ness hehe.

there are loads out there taht look great though

Your doc can write an Rx for a Scopolamine patch, after the first three days, when you have to take it off, it can be replaced if you need it. I’ve never needed more than the first one. They work great. Since my right middle ear is in pieces, no patch,no sailing.

A knitting cruise sounds like a blast, though.

Dramamine makes me really drowsy so I usually take Bonine. The last time I was on a boat even taking two pills I was sick as a dog for hours. At least I knew it would be over eventually whereas on a boat…not so much. I doubt I’d try a cruise. It’s too expensive to experiment with you know?

Jan, a lot of folks say they don’t get sick on the big cruise ships.

If I couldn’t use a patch, I wouldn’t go, nothing is worse than sea sickness.

Hubby swears he will never go on a cruise…NOT a romantic but maybe a BF would work…:teehee: :whistle: :roll:

I get very seasick. I’ve been on boats and ships and IMO it depends on the size of the boat, the body of water and the size of the swells. On a ship in the Carribean I was not sick. However when the ship entered the ocean to sail to Jamaica, boy was I seasick. Apparently the deaper the body of water, the bigger the swells. I think it just depends on how seasick you get.

We went on a whale watching tour in Hawaii several years ago and they said it was a large boat. That was the longest and worst 3 hours of my life. I spent most of it hanging over the boat. Ugh I hate that feeling. :zombie:

However, I love the idea of going on a cruise with fellow knitters.

I have heard that bigger boats (ships) are better, that I wouldn’t have problems on say an Alaskan cruise where you are sailing by the glaciers, etc. Maybe if I was wealthy and could afford to spend that much money on a cruise and maybe have to get off at the first port never to return and lose all that money I might chance it.

BTW…I get ‘seasick’ on swings in a kiddy park. :zombie: So… I’ll leave the cruise to you lovely knitters and I’ll enjoy your reports.:thumbsup:

Gosh, it sure looks nice! I can just imagine all those ports with a lys list in hand!

HEHEHEHEHE I love it, accept if the ship went down. But if it were in the cold weather we would all be great!! Besides we might be able to save ourselves if the ship went down. Use some plastic bag and make a float lolol :slight_smile: or something

Well, I’ve actually BOOKED a cruise that leaves New Orleans on March 1 for 1 week in the Western Caribbean. However, I am looking for a cabinmate to share expenses. Any takers? Let me know ASAP!

The instructor will be Jason Pennington, the owner of one of the yarn shops in Lafayette LA.