Knitting/crocheting for a friend who is TTC

I am in the process of making items for a friend who is TTC… she and her husband hope to have a little one or two :wink: by sometime next year…I am making multiple blankets in various colors…gender specific and neutral since the babe isnt concieved yet… I am in the midst of making a crocheted blanket its called around the rosy…the pattern can be found on Ravelry in case you want to make on too :wink: I am up for suggestions so if you can think of a must have knit or chrocheted item let me know :slight_smile: I am super excited for them…they are more like family than friends and I can’t wait to see them with a little one of their own! I will post pics later…the first one is being made in pink then I will move on over to blue…I know I am babbling but I am just too excited lol

How very exciting! And it’s also great that you know this far in advance. Wash cloths, sweaters, booties, socks, and hats are all great baby items to make. Also, consider making some things that the baby will grow into later.

And please do post a picture when you can. We love to see finished objects–or works in progress.

How exciting for them and for you. I would stick to blankets or throws, socks over booties (they stay on better) and hats. Most new moms don’t take the trouble to dress up there little ones as it is a hassle, so the easy things and the ones most useful are not the most exciting to knit but it will get much more use by the new mommy.

I hope this upload works… I am using my phone because one all my pics of this project is on it and two I need a new laptop so I only use it in an emergency…I’m not going home until late tomorrow so I can’t even pretend that this is an emergency lol

I have tried a million different ways to upload a photo but no seem to be working at the moment ugh :tap:

Did you try posting a photograph using these directions:

If you followed the directions and it still didn’t work, please let us know and maybe someone can help!

I agree, the simple things are most appreciated. Smaller blankets or throws for car seat and stroller are good and what about woobies or loveys for a little later?

I have followed the instructions from knittinghelp as well as the ones from flikr neither are working for me at the moment…I am sure I am missing a step or something lol

I love knitting for babies, too! Can hardly wait to see your photos!

Your excitement comes across in your post. :cheering:

Do your use Ravelry? Are you able to get a picture up on there, like in your projects? What I’ve been doing lately to put a picture here at KH is to go to a picture of mine on Ravelry and bring it up big then I click on the picture (I think it is right click) and a thing comes up with some options. One is copy image location. I left click on that, then just come over here and click the little image icon on the page where you make your post and drop that into the box and hit whatever it says there to finish off that box then submit the reply and it works.

I have always loved to make little sweaters for babies. If the baby comes in summer I plan for a size I think will fit through the fall and winter months. If it is born in the fall, hooray. The little sweaters are so cute on them and they keep them warm too.

Yes I use Ravelry I am Yarnsalot over there…the project is called rosy posy if you want to check it out over there…I have tried that but for some reason I am having no luck.

Yay I did it lol…here is a pick before I added the green…I wanted it to sort of resemble a pink rose in color… I will try to get a picture of that up soon.