Knitting coupons

I’ve been wondering something. I’ve seen various people mention receiving 40% or 50% off coupons from places like Herschners and so on… I’ve received one from Joann’s before but that is all. Do you have to order first from Herschners before they send you anything like a coupon or is it a rare thing?

I’m not being cheap, I just really want my Boye interchangeables and so far, I’ve found them for around $47 but the guilt of spending that on myself is preventing me for buying them. :lol:

I would guess you’d get them if you were on their mailing list. Around here we get them in the Sunday paper too – almost every week Michaels and JoAnn have 40% coupons in their ads. JoAnn e-mails them to me like every day too. :wink:

:thinking: hmmm I am on all of those mailing lists… and I’ve spent an obscene amount of money at Joann’s and still have only ever received one coupon for 50% off. I was more curious about Herrschners though since I’ve never received anything from them other than notice of sales.

I know we wouldn’t get anything in our Sunday paper here for them though since they don’t exist in Florida.

BTW, those look like K-State colors in your avatar… :inlove:

Are you on the e-mail mailing list? That’s where I get all my Joann’s coupons (for in-store and online). I haven’t ever gotten anything through the regular mail.

yeah, sorry… I meant that I’ve signed up for both… on all those sites

I’ve received catalogs in the mail but I also receive regular emails listing sales and such. I know Joann’s has coupons all the time. Most are based on the amount you purchase… but I’m more interested in the coupons from Herrschners and wondering if anyone has received any from them.

Strangely enough, the only place I’ve found the 50% Joann’s coupon is on the sponors side bar at It must just be since they’re a site sponsor.

Do you write checks when you shop at the craft stores? Usually, to get the fliers mailed to you (not current resident) you usually have to write a check…

Michael’s coupons are usually in the sunday paper, penny saver, etc. Jo Ann’s can be a little more tricky to find. The other place I’ve never heard of, but I bet if you ask the store manager how to get their sales flyer & coupons they will be more than happy to get their hands on your address.

I did what you suggested, foldedbird… I emailed both Herrschner’s and

Herrschner’s letter- Thank you for your letter. I am sorry, but we do not have the same sort of coupon offers as those you describe. Instead, we offer weekly online and phone specials. The Weekly Sales items are updated each week, late Wednesday, or early Thursday, and they can be viewed on the website. Phone specials are offered to each customer that calls to place an order—just ask for them. I will forward your letter to our marketing staff to review. Thank you for taking the time to write. Thank you for contacting us. We do not have a printed catalog or mail out coupons. The newsletter is emailed once a month and may from time to time include coupon codes. Generally, we do not have sales because our prices are already discounted to wholesale levels.

thought I would share that.

WEll, rats… but hey it was worth a shot, right? :thumbsup:

Aby, when I went to my local JoAnn store over the weekend, at the checkout counter, they handed me flyer with 50% off coupons, one for this coming Friday and one for Saturday. Today, I also received the same coupon through email. The email one does have an Invite link that allows me to Invite a friend or family to sign up for JoAnn Perfered customer and share the coupon. So in case you haven’t received the coupon through email and don’t want to bother going to the store to get one, you could pm me your email address and I’ll use the Invite link and hopefully you get the coupon in time.

thanks so much, but yeah, I got the coupons in my email. Problem is, none of the Joann stores around here, carry the Boye needlemaster kit. That’s what my goal is… to get it as cheaply as I can, since I can’t seem to win any bids on Ebay. :doh:

But again, thanks so much for the offer. If anyone wants mine, I can forward them to you as well, since I have no use for them.

why not use the online coupons and order them online? my Joann stores don’t carry them either but the online store was about as cheap with a coupon as most of the ebay auctions i found.

there is someone on ebay selling the boyes for 32.99 plus s/h. It was there yesterday as a buy it now. I haven’t checked today but it was there last night.

Good Luck

Because Joann charges so much for shipping. I found a place online called Knitting Warehouse that sells them for $47.25 with flat 5.99 shipping, which turns out less than buying them online from Joann’s, even with the 50% off coupon. I think I will end up just buying them from Knit Warehouse though. I had not found them when I originally posted this thread.

Plus, since it’s flat shipping, I can order all the yarn and stuff that I need without having to pay more. I love Joanns but it really bugs me that they raise the shipping costs based on the dollar amount of your items. They should raise it based on the weight of the items… but eh, c’est la vie! :wink: