Knitting Conversations, How do you Respond?

I was waiting for my DS in the orthodontic office the other day and always take my knitting. However the reception there always has to say something about my knitting and ask me a dozen questions. Usually I don’t mind people asking me, but I found that lately I opt to wait in the car and knit that go in the office. She is the type of person who is kind of over the top when she talks to you about anything. What annoys me isn’t so much that she asks about my projects, but she consistently tells me that she could never do that, she only knits in squares with one stitch. Ok, that is fine, but she has to tell me that every single time I am in there. And not to mention there are usually several other people waiting for their kids too!

This particular visit she did the same thing, awed over my shawl, made her usual comments, but then the older lady across from me, pulled out her knitting project and said “you must be an expert, can help me figure out what I am doing wrong.” At that point I wanted to just disappear like Froto with his magic ring. But I didn’t, I smiled and offered to help her, assuring her I am not expert. Turns out she was learning to knit and trying to make a scarf using 3 strands of yarns at a time. She was doing the garter stitch and I removed a yo and fixed her dropped stitch. Wasn’t much, but she really was doing a good job from I noticed. I told her about our LYS and to check it out, everyone is really nice there and helpful. She attempted her project again, but then got frustrated and threw it back in her bag. Too which she added that she was only doing this for her sister and she didn’t really want to learn to knit anyways! And sewing was a lot easier!

I smiled and said when I first learned it was hard and it did get easier, but I didn’t really know what else to say! I didn’t tell her this, I also sew, but it took me 30 something years to get really good at it. I only started knitting last year and wished I had started knitting 30 years ago, think of all the sweaters I could have already knitted! :roflhard:

How do you respond to people when you are knitting and they make you feel uncomfortable?

Well, I don’t know what to tell you about the receptionist. :shrug: I think I’d try to sit where I’d be less in the open if possible or facing away from her if the chairs allow it. Or just do as you have been waiting in the car. :shrug:

As for the woman learning… I think I would have told her that it’s easier to learn to knit with one strand. It’s too easy to miss a strand or get accidental YO’s when using multiple strands when learning. She may or may not like to hear it, but it’s the truth so… :shrug:

I like it very much, when I’m sitting in a waiting room, knitting a sock (yes, everybody can see the cuff, the heel and it’s very clear that this is a sock and nothing but a sock) and then I hear the question from the left corner:

“Oh! Do you knit socks?”

No. I knit an airplane. :wall:

Or: “Oh! It really looks like a sock!”

Thanks. :grrr:

Who knits in public must accept stupid and annoying commentaries, I’m afraid so :shrug:

I usually don’t get comments, but then again wherever I knit, people are used to seeing me do it.

The stoooopidest conversation I’ve had was, “What are you knitting?”

“A sweater.”

“My aunt crochets.”

Me :??

& then there’s my orthodontic surgeon, who charged me an obscene amount of money for a fake tooth and some cow gum, and now after having paid half his kid’s college tuition before he’s even hit preschool not only expects me to get braces and bleaches and veneers (for his early retirement from kindergarten?) thinks I am just going to up and knit him a cashmere blanket too.
brings it up every single time.


& I just laugh, perhaps because I’m always valiumed halfway to lala land and also because somehow telling him he’s ripping me off already seems like it would be too rude. and maybe counterproductive.

“Who is alive must accept stupid and annoying commentaries” is one of the basic tenets of my life. :teehee:

But seriously, I’ve never had anyone but coworkers comment on my knitting. I would be freaked out and wonder about the mental health of any stranger who started commenting (unless they were another knitter.) But that’s just the Northeast in me talking. :rofl:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

That makes me feel better! I do get the strangest comments, nothing quite as funny as those. I do have two friends who constantly say “where’s mine?” I always respond by telling them that if they buy the yarn I will knit one up for them…they have yet to take me up on it!

I doubt I will quit knitting in public, just need to work on my comebacks! I love knitting too much to give it up! :roflhard:

I did tell the lady who was trying to knit that she really was doing a good job, and I actually could have sat there and knit up her project myself. It was so soft and the colors were very pretty! I encouraged her a lot to visit our LYS.

My favorite place to knit is at the children’s dance studio. The kids are always so fascinated with what I am doing. One time the teacher stopped class and “Said that is beautiful, what is that?” I was so wrapped up in what I doing I didn’t even realize that she was talking to me!

wow knitting scarf using three strand of yarn … she either wanted to finish fast or it must be really cold in your area :teehee:

i blushed… everytime someone compliment my work in the plane…then next will be "What r u making ??? i just replied with a smile and carry on with my work …

The other day I was knitting in the Anthropology department tearoom when a lecturer walked in and said ‘Oh,… crochet!’

To avoid that receptionist, maybe you could listen to an ipod or CD player - if not, just buy the earphones/earplugs and pretend they’re plugged into something in your bag! Then ignore her talking to you - if she tries a fifth time, just look her way, give her a smile like you’re humouring her for about .5 seconds, make it a fake one where you just pull back your lips to show your teeth. Dip your head at the same time like you are giving a token polite nod to whatever it is she’s saying, then look back to your knitting and DON’T LOOK UP AGAIN!

With the headphones, if you can get a chair where she’s not in your line of view, you could safely ignore her for hours!


I occaisionally knit around my students. During study hall, or after school. I think it is cute that no matter what I am knitting, they all call it “sweater”.

“I like your sweater”

“Is your sweater almost done?”

“Is that the same sweater as yesterday?”

So sometimes I’ll tell them. It’s a wrap, or a scarf, or a blanket.

“Oh, but what about the sweater?”


I like to knit in public. I like to teach new knitters (being fairly new myself). At least I did…until the overnighter on Friday night when one of the other chaperones and I sat down for a lesson. She has been bugging me to knit so for Christmas I bought her a set of needles and some yarn.

Anyway…we sat down to attempt knitting…our lesson almost ended when she threw it all-needles, yarn- at me! :shock: She is the kind of person who likes to do everything PERFECTLY and does not like it when she can’t do everything “just so” the first time out.

She kept telling me she couldn’t do (mind you, I’m only talking about casting on…). When she got that, she threw the ball of yarn at me AGAIN when we tried to knit.

I tried to explain that it comes with practice, but I don’t think she believed me. Apparently, she believes I picked it up one day and just started knitting.:roll: I’m not sure that she will find knitting relaxing. :?eyebrow:


I don’t think anyone that threw something at me would get second chance. :fingerwag:

Hi’ya syndactalys!

Here is what I would do with that orthodontist!


Base your “BID” on this:

A: Cost of cashmere yarn for an average aran afghan.
(aran weight cashmere can be found in an Ebay yarn shop)
B: Total knitting hours by $20 per hour= Value of your time.

(Compute total number of stitches per row in an average aran afghan…this total will tell you how many knitting minutes per row…thereby the total hours…my current aran afghan has 90 knitting hours, for a total fee of $1800 for my “time”…if I were charging for it!)

Basically, “time and materials”. He can understand this language!
He will either “pony up” or “shut up”. Either way, it is a win-win for you.

Don’t undersell your work. Either knit out of love for free…
or charge an amount that gives you market value for your work!

It took me over a year to find my knitting groove and finally enjoy it as a relaxing hobby. I was petrified in the beginning that I was going to mess up a stitch and have to start over…There was no way in the beginning I was confident enough to frog just back to the mistake. I come from a crochet background where ripping out was not a bid deal. To that end, I guess I’m coming along as last night I had to rip back a dozen rows on a shawl and I did it with relative ease :slight_smile:

I get all types of comments on my knitting in public. I just smile and keep on knitting :happydance:

Whereas I would laugh at him, and/or ask when I was going to get those braces for free. :rofl:

Here is my PET PEEVE!

Here is the scenario: whilst happily knitting away in public…there are:
People who comment on what you are doing, discuss knitting with you ad nauseum…completely sucking you into the conversation…and then they finish with:
[color=blue]“Oh I just don’t have the patience for knitting!” [/color]

Like, what has patience got to do with knitting? No no, lady, patience factors in when I come across people like you! Now THAT takes patience! :doh:

Knitting takes time, desire, perserverence and passion! :happydance:

What she said! :cheering:

The samething happened to me when I tried to teach my 24 year old niece to knit at Christmas. She whinned the whole time, I almost threw the yarn at her… :teehee: but I didn’t. I just left her alone with Amy’s videos and let her try it, she really struggled, but eventually made a small triangle scarf for her 11 year old sister. She seemed to enjoy that, but I didn’t try to help, I just waited until she asked. She didn’t seem to have any trouble with a YO, but she hated doing purling, so she just stuck with Knit stitches. Yes, practice, it’s like people think you learn it overnight, like knitting is the one thing everyone picks up on immediately, unlike all the other stuff in life we have to learn one step at time! :doh:

Oh I love the IPod idea, I may just have to get to get one!!! :roflhard:

Oh my goodness, yes, I hear that a lot! I get that a lot also because I homeschool my two kids! Knitting AND homeschooling take all three and a lot of tea and chocolate! :roflhard:

:roflhard: The one I always get is (after the same long, suck-you-in conversation), “Oh, I could never do THAT.” Like those of us who knit must be savants of some kind! And if you don’t believe you could ever do it, why all the questions??? I should be used to it by now, though, having identical twins. My favorite annoying stranger question: “Are they twins?” No, this one’s a puppy… :whoosh:

I did get asked what I was crocheting this week, too. :teehee: