Knitting confusion

What does Wq mean in a knitting pattern?

Never heard of it

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Can you give us the line in your pattern that uses this abbreviation? (just a single line or row please)
It might be particular to your pattern in which case it’s defined at the beginning or possibly at the end of the pattern instructions. Which pattern is it?

It’s Kq, ktfbl. K5, ktfbl, K1. There was a line earlier that read Kw, ktfbl, K1, ktfbl, K1 so I don’t know if there is some connection.

I don’t see “Wq” in the lines you’ve quoted. Kq, ktfbl (possibly knit front and back loop?), and Kw are non-standard abbreviations.
What is the name of the pattern?

Sorry it’s kq. I downloaded it from in the loop knitting. 12" lamb toy.

Maybe this one? It’s the only 12" I found on the site:

If it’s a paid pattern, check the beginning and end for abbreviations. Could q and w stand for different colors in the pattern?

Looks like that one. No nothing to do with colour. Noticed an email address on site so have emailed them.

What pages in the pattern have the Kq, Kw abbreviations? What part of the pattern is this (head, body?)?

Its the small piece that goes between the two sides of the head.

And what pattern page is this on?