Knitting Cones

Has anyone hand knitted with yarn on cones? Ive been looking at them on ebay and they are very cheap. I just wondered what they knitted up like :thinking:

Jeanette :thumbsup:

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a couple of cones of big fat thick cotton

with which to make a bathrug…Ill keep you posted after I start goin at it!

I have! There’s an yarn factory near me and they sell “maschine yarn”. If more yarn strands are spun together on one cone you can easily handknit it.
At first it’s a bit weird knitting with multiple strand of yarn, but you get used to it. Sometimes the yarn is not only just spun on the cones, but also twisted. Then it should even be easier to knit with.
Cause sometimes if the yarns that are spun together are very different or badly spun they get “seperated”. Like one yarn is knitted faster then the other. I myself never had this problem, but I read about it on other forums.

I use the cotton yarn on a cone. I like it better, because it never gets tangled, but I have never used any other kind of cone.

Thank you all for your replies. I’m going to try one. :thumbsup:

let me know how you like that company. I need to order from them soon. I can’t decide on colors though :thinking:

I lurve cones. There’s a place on ebay that sells cones of Lamb’s pride in bulky and worsted. Here’s a link: