Knitting Companion

My little friend Roxy, a yorkie, sits by me when I knit. Tonight, she decided to crawl into the knitting bag I just bought from Knitpicks, and take a little nap. Very cute indeed.

Awwwwwwwww! So SWEET!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

That is cute.

SOOOO cute! How old is she? I have a yorkie too. He is 5 years old. He sits by me when I knit. Sometimes he gets up and takes his paw to my hands. I’m not sure but I think he is telling me to stop knitting :teehee:

TOO Cute.

So cute!

Aww bless him… you might be purchasing another bag and letting him have that one as a temporary doggy kennel?!!

Or, could it be a ploy on his behalf… that if he fills your knitty bag with himself, you will play with him instead of your knitting?!! lol

Very sweet pic though…

How adorably sweet! You may have just lost a knitting bag, what could be more important than her Highness’s comfort?

AW! Too cute…my little friend usually wants to just lay on my hands :teehee:

Roxie is a cutie. Knows where to nap!!!

I think I need a little dog too. xx

:thumbsup: I agree, they are wonderful companion’s.

Awwww! She is just adorable!

So cute and so sweet! Yorkies are adorable! I have a female Sheltie and she does NOT like for me to knit or work on my laptop computer. She thinks when I sit on the sofa that means ‘lap time’.

When I watch TV I let her sit on my lap, but I can’t when I’m knitting or working on the computer. So she puts her chin on my knee and gives me the ‘puppy-dog eyes’ and whines. Eventually she settles in and curls up by my feet, but she sure isn’t happy about it. She thinks I’m HER pet!