Knitting Colors

Hello All!!!

First off thank you for letting me in!! I have a quick question…I am looking to knit my husband a striped Flyers color blanket for Christmas ( and his “feel better” gift after his Bypass Surgery) The thing is I HATE knitting with Red heart (makes my hand itch and burn and not exactly good against his skin or the huge scar on his chest) and the Bulky Hometown USA is not exactly portable and very cumbersome…He wants a HUGE blanket…I am thinking of splashing a thick stripe of Orange with mostly black and two thick stripes of white…my question is…who do you guys know who has the neon FLYERS Orange? I was looking at Knit Picks but am not sure if it is the appropriate Neon Oranges…any advice?

Any particular weight of yarn?

I like worsted or heavy worsted…but a soft bulky might do…as long as its not jumbo like the Hometown USA

If you read farther down on this page, this yarn is offered in a worsted weight. I think the term you’re looking for is blaze orange. It’s something hunters here wear during deer hunting season. Looking at this, though, that’s an awful lot of yarn to buy. But maybe the color is what you want?

Cascade 220 Superwash, color 1952? here: