Knitting college?

What’s the name of the organization that teaches, tests, and certifies

Is this what you’re looking for:


Yes, thanks! Now,what do you think of it? What are the benefits, versus the drawbacks?
What do the classes teach you that you can’t learn on your own?
Are they helpful, is it a fruitful journey, to enroll and become certified?
Why was the knitting guild and the education dept. established?
Anyone have thoughts on that?

I’m half yes, and half no on it. I know very little about it, and it’s results for knitters. I’d like to hear from others, their thoughts and experiences with TKGA.

They’re not exactly classes. The 3-phase program is structured to teach you how to use research materials, trial-and-error, close observation and lots of practice to become a “Master Knitter.”

In the earlier phases, you knit swatches using various techniques. These are submitted to a panel of expert knitters who critique them and may ask you to re-do some of them – a learning experience in itself. In the later phases, you learn to design and write patterns for original pieces. Doing the program requires commitment, but it can be tremendously rewarding. And you can take as long as you need to finish (within liberal limits).

There’s plenty of support in the forum, and good technique articles in the tkga magazine, Cast-On.

You get a pin and, I think, a certificate, when you finish the course, but I don’t think the program actually “certifies” you for anything. TKGA is a non-profit that promotes knitting and helps knitters, but it’s not an accredited school. However, having the Master’s program under your belt gives you credibility if you’re looking for a job in the knitting industry, and helps make you part of a worldwide community of knitters. (Full disclosure: I haven’t done the program, but everybody I know who has is enthusiastic about what they’ve learned.)

great information, and encouraging words, knitasha!
sounds like something worth pursuing.

You can only get a certain level of knitting learned by yourself.

I wish I could double major in knitting. Or at least minor in it.

I kind of feel like I already do. :??

there are other discussions on this board if you want to do a search.

Don’t think you can’t! :slight_smile: My mother got a second major in “religious ceramics” It was a program that was totally created for her through the art department of her university. When she got her BA she also had minor studies in textiles for work with weaving, spinning and knitting. She did almost complete independent studies for her entire course work at both the junior college and university!