Knitting class $150 for 2 hr... isn't it too much?

I started my first washcloth. I started by watching video on this site. I learned how to cast-on, garter stich, bind-off. I want to try something else (like hat or pattern on scarf… or learn how to interprete abbreviation for stich…). but I don’t know what is next step after garter stich washcloth?

by the way, thank you so much for replies on previous posting. I got 9 and 101/2 needle… and got acrylic yarn. I read replies over and over. Now after I finish my first wash cloth, all replies make more sense to me now.

Anyway go back to story,
so I don’t know what to do as my next proejct. it seems like, interpreting stich patterns and other steps are too hard. and it seems there is no in between stages. so I wanted to take some course. surprisingly, the one around my place is $150 dollar for 2 hrs… isn’t it too much? Do you think it will be worth it?

Geez. That sounds pretty steep to me. I learned strictly from this website and books (mainly borrowed from the library), so I don’t think you really need to spend anything (except for yarn and supplies) to learn how to knit. You’ve got tons of supporters here to help when you get stuck. :wink:

i can not imagine any knitting class i would take that i would be willing to pay that much for! especially not for TWO HOURS! that’s crazy!

Make a hat…hats are super easy and my very favorite project because they are so quick!

It is a personal decision. For me, I learned by using Amy’s videos, internet research, and jumping in with both feet. I would never have spent $150. for classes. It takes practice. I found that it helped to rip out (one stitch at a time) to see what the mistake was and it helped to start recognizing knit stitches, problems and learn to to correct them. I think I used as much time unknitting as knitting at some point. I still use Amy’s videos when I get to something new or when I need a refresher. Others may enjoy the personal attention in a knitting class. I would rather spend the $$ on YYYYarnnnnnnnn!!!

does the cost include materials?
when i was living in los angeles, a local shop had a learn-to-knit class that included a couple of patterns, a few skeins and a set of needles, plus free help if you got in a bind later…

You can use the videos on this site to learn purling as well…and when you combine knitting and purling–voila you have ribbing! You could make a hat–there are a lots of patterns on knitting pattern central. You could also make many variations on a scarf. Or more washcloths and dishcloths to practice stitch patterns.

Patterns and directions are pretty easy to figure out–a lot are just straight foward written out. And if you ever get stuck tons of people here will help you. Lots and lots of stitch patterns use just a combination of knits and purls–so you don’t even have to worry about “fancy” stuff like yarn overs or cables etc.

Post here often for help, you can do it!

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention other websites when citing how I learned. :doh: There’s a huge amount of knitting info on the web.

I would gladly pay if they set me up with enough cashmere for a hat scarf mitten sweater combo. And could teach me to spin straw to gold :teehee:

Good luck in learning :hug:

And cables are just knits and purls. (You just do some of the knitting out of order.)

I’m a knitting and crocheting instructor, and my classes are $10-15 for 2 hrs. $150 is outrageous unless they are totally supplying you with enough nice yarn for a large project!

150$ for two hours!!! that’s insanely expensive in my point of view. You can learn to interpret patterns by starting with easy ones, and with practise. English is my second language and it didn’t take me that long to get the idea.

I understand some people need to learn things in a visual way. However if there is any kind of knitters gathering in your neighborhood, I’d say that’s a much better solution. You could get lots of tips for, say, a cup of coffee! If you can cast on, bind off and knit, all you need really now is to purl, increase and decrease. These are all demonstrated on this site. With that you can make a whole lot of things already: hats, sweaters, bags etc! Believe me once you’re completely addicted to knitting you’ll be glad to have this 150$ to spend on… yarn! :teehee:

Where do you live? I’ll teach you for $100, lol.

Yes $150 is A LOT for 2 hours unless it includes a lot of supplies (like cashmere for an entire sweater). I live in Boston which is a very expensive place with some very fancy LYSs. You can get a 2 hour private lesson for $45-50 bucks depending on if you go to Back Bay, Brookline or Cambridge. I took an hour private lesson a few weeks ago in Portland OR for $30, which I considered expensive (but I was really stuck on a sweater and just wanted to get it done).

The most expensive class at my favorite LYS is $100 for SIX 2 hour sessions. Lessons/classes at Michaels’ or JoAnn are less (I think). Even our local Adult Education program, which tends to be a little pricey, offers an 8 week class (3 hrs 1x/week) for $140.

I hope this info helps. Oh, and if you live nearby, I was kidding about the $100, I will teach you for free. Probably most of us on this site would be glad to help (assuming they are knit pushers like I am!)

Hi, I’m a fairly new knitter myself. When I first looked at a pattern I couldn’t read it to save my life…it seemed all foreign to me! What I did was to take a simple pattern (it was a simple ribbed hat), and I broke it down. I looked at each stitch abbreviation and then looked it up in a glossery of knitting terms (there is one on this site) and made sure that I understood it. I came to memorize each abbreviation as I went through the pattern, I took it slowly. You may want to start with a ribbed scarf…doing that will really teach you your knits from your purls, by the end of the scarf you will be very familiar with the anatomy of each stitch, and be able to tell the knit apart from the purl instantly, then if you did a hat you could practice your decreases (like k2tog= knit 2 stitches together as if they were one)
The price of that class seems steep to me. You’ll get lots of help on this website, and also , think of all the yarn you could buy with that money!

I think your next step would be to learn to purl, learn what the stitches look like (I have a photo if you need it) and just start knitting. A hat would be a good way to learn decreases as well.

In addition to the videos and helpful people here there are other sites that have some excellent help.

Lion Brand - Learn to knit
Knitting at Noon Videos

ETA: $150 sounds insane to me, too. :??

Maybe an extra “0” got printed in the fee schedule by mistake because $15 would be much more reasonable.

They don’t supply yarn and needle and I have to buy my own.
They show me what they use for class… it’s 6 dollar aluminum needle, size 10, and $4 dollar thick wool+acrylic yarn.
I thought it was too expensive too but, honestly, I never took those classes so I thought that is the price everybody paying. Ok…I am going to forget about spending money on classes… and try to learn through website. By saving $150.00 dollars, I can buy like 20 yarn!

anybook or website suggestion for beginner?
(is stich and b**ch book really good as much as everybody is raving on review?)

oh thank you so much for all replies. I am at work and I have to run right now but let me get back to you when I go home…

owww. I wish I am at home knitting now, instead of working working working…

That’s interesting re the price- I’m in Atlanta & took a class for 6 weeks, 2 hours per week & it was $150. One our our LYS’s has a class and they charge $75 for 3 sessions.
Certainly, there’s a typo on their information sheet!
The one thing that I can say about going to class is there’s nothing like being around folks learning to knit. It’s nice to see how everyone else is knitting, the pace, and of course meeting new people & making new friends.
Another great way to learn new things is to see if your area has a group of knitters who meet regularly. They’re always happy to teach new tricks to people and they’re free! To find a local knitting group, try searching the Yahoo Groups for a Stitch N B-- in your area.

Thatta girl! You’ve got the knitting state of mind, now the hands will follow :slight_smile:

My mom gave me SNB handbook when she taught me to knit. She lives on the other coast, so once she got me started and went back home, I was pretty much on my own with that book. I have learned tons from it as well as SNB Nation. I didn’t “outgrow” them until I recently tried knitting a brioche hat in the round (still haven’t got it, maybe if it was in SNB I could do it!)

Some people don’t like SNB because it was a “fad”, also the patterns have a lot of mistakes. Definitely check the website before doing any. I had problems with the monster slippers and Noro wristwarmers and thought I was going crazy until I found the corrections on the website.

I misinterpreted class rates…I just checked price again… private session is $50.00 per hour and group lession is also available with lower rates.
But I still think it’s too expensive. and I don’t think I will learn a lot in one hour…

now I am going to search websites for easy patterns scarfs and hats. Just like many people in this board, I CAN do it by myself !!! Thank you for encouragement~