Knitting Chevron Scarf - Knit V's looking like dashes?

I started this scarf 2 years ago and just picked it up a few days ago. I noticed that the v’s on the knit side started having these weird looking dashes…

Sorry for the bad picture, but hopefully it explains what I mean better:

Here is an earlier (not so close) shot of my scarf, where my knitting looked normal:

To me, it seems like I am knitting it the same way as when I originally started. Can anyone identify what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


What kind of increase are you using? It looks like you might be doing a different one than you did before.

The increase is kf&b for 8 stitches.

I found this video where the woman mentions the “horizontal bars” and that is what I am getting. However, the rest of my scarf doesn’t have that, and I don’t know what I am doing different.

The horizontal bars comes from making a kfb increase. That’s what I thought they were and it looks like you did a different increase before. Or not… I can actually see them in the lower picture.

It must be something in my technique. It only appears here and there in the lower portion of to scarf. However the last 10 repeats (basically the ones I did since picking this project up again) ALL have the horizontal dashes. I wish I knew what I was doing different. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

It could just be the different colors of yarn…? Or maybe you’re not doing the kfb the same way, or you’re wrapping the sts backwards to how you did them before.